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Kora Martin


The debate surrounding marijuana legalization has intensified as individual states challenge federal laws, making research on marijuana’s economic, social, and health impacts even more necessary. This paper reviews literature and survey data to assess the impact of legalization on these fronts. Economic analyses indicate increased tax revenue, job creation, and savings in criminal justice expenditures. However, research on social and public health impacts remains inconclusive due to the unavailability of data. Nevertheless, a survey was distributed to Indiana residents to gain insight into marijuana’s social and public health impacts, revealing that public opinion diverges from scholarly concerns. Survey data indicates that marijuana may be much less harmful than suggested by academics, and more certainly, marijuana use, and pro-legalization attitudes are on the rise. Overall, the evidence suggests that marijuana legalization is inevitable and could bring economic benefits, but future research should focus on addressing the social implications of marijuana legalization.


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Martin, K. (2024). UNCOVERING THE TRUTH ABOUT MARIJUANA: A LITTLE WEED NEVER HURT ANYONE. Journal of Student Research at Indiana University East, 6(1.5). Retrieved from https://scholarworks.iu.edu/journals/index.php/jsriue/article/view/37925
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Kora Martin, Indiana University East Student

Kora Martin is from Bloomington, Indiana and is currently working towards completing her Bachelor’s degrees in Psychology and Criminal Justice. After graduation, she plans to pursue a career in behavioral science and research.


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