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Isabel Payne


Ethical abortions are essential in order preserve laws, health, careers, as well as human rights. Any individual can receive an abortion, no matter their age, ethnicity, gender, career, political stance, or financial stability. However, not every abortion is performed ethically, as

with the recent restrictions and bans on abortion rights, individuals may have to travel to a certain part of the world in order to receive an abortion, or individuals may have to resort to using unsafe and unethical abortion methods. Abortion restrictions and bans can increase the chances for unneeded pregnancies to be carried out, or for unethical abortions to be performed, both increasing the chances

of fatal complications, physical and mental dysfunction, hospitalization, financial insecurity, withdrawal of careers or future plans, as well

as potential unneeded travel time. Restrictions on safe, ethical and accessible abortion practice prevent individuals from receiving needed medical care, prevent doctors from performing their jobs ethically, as well as restrict human rights.


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Payne, I. (2024). CAUSAL ANALYSIS ON THE RIGHTS TO ETHICAL ABORTIONS. Journal of Student Research at Indiana University East, 6(1.5). Retrieved from
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Isabel Payne, Indiana University East Student

Isabel Payne is from Sheridan, Indiana, and is currently a student pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in English through Indiana University East.


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