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Jerrica Miles


This essay is a narrative about the author’s literacy journey and
the fantastic literacy sponsors who guided her during her journey with literacy. It describes the hardships the author faced as a young child, from losing her mother to finding solace through reading. The author explains how she struggled with grammar and writing as a teenager but overcame her “fear of the red pen” with the guidance of an incredible high school teacher, Mrs. V. Finally, she discusses her literacy journey as an adult and the literacy sponsors who guided her, illustrating how, with their help, she realized that her dream of furthering her academic career was not out of reach.


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Miles , J. (2024). MY LITERACY JOURNEY. Journal of Student Research at Indiana University East, 6(1.5). Retrieved from
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Jerrica Miles, Indiana University East Student

Jerrica Miles is a sophomore and Honors student from Washington, Indiana. She is majoring in Sustainability Studies with a minor in Environmental Studies. After graduating with her B.A. in Sustainability Studies, she plans to obtain her Master’s in Environmental Studies. After completing her education, she intends to find a career that will allow her to implement sustainable actions that positively impact the planet.


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