This multidisciplinary, peer-reviewed online journal is dedicated to publishing descriptions of artifacts, environments and experiences created to promote and support learning in all contexts by designers in any field. The IJDL Library of Congress ISSN is 2159-449X.

Vol. 12 No. 2 (2021)

Published: 2021-06-16

Adding Reach and Ownership with Paper Airplane Circuits

Craig Erschel Shepherd, Shannon M. Smith, Cassandra Kvenild, Alan Buss, Claire Ratcliffe


Failing Forward: Educative Curriculum Materials, an English Teaching App, and a Revolution

Janine Julianna Darragh, Gina Mikel Petrie, Stan Pichinevskiy


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The journal provides a venue for designers to share their knowledge-in-practice through rich representations of their designs and detailed discussion of decision-making. The aim of the journal is to support the production of high-quality precedent materials and to promote and demonstrate the value of doing so. Audiences for the journal include designers, teachers and students of design and scholars studying the practice of design.

This journal is a publication of the Association for Educational Communications and Technology.