Published: 2011-12-01

Using clickers in large college psychology classes: Academic outcomes and perceptions

Selma Powell, Carrie Straub, Jacqueline Rodriguez, Barbara VanHorn


Applying the job characteristics model to the college education experience

Steven J. Kass, Stephen J. Vodanovich, Jasmine Y. Khosravi


Benefits of Service Learning for Freshmen College Students and Elementary School Children

Marion Eppler, Marsha Ironsmith, Stephanie H. Dingle, Marissa Errickson


All kidding aside: Humor increases learning at knowledge and comprehension levels

Jana Hackathorn, Amy M. Garczynski, Katheryn Blankmeyer, Rachel D. Tennial, Erin D. Solomon


Complete Issue Volume 11 Issue 4

Editor, Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning