This special volume of IULCWP represents a welcome contribution to the teaching and assessment of pragmatics and intercultural competence in foreign language contexts. The nine pedagogical activities, written by expereinced language instructors of Spanish and French at Indiana University, are informed by current research in second language pragmatics and intercultural competence. The instructional units were conceptualized and completed in two graduate courses taught by Dr. Félix-Brasdefer, i.e., L2 Pragmatics: Language Learning and Teaching (HISP-S 716, Spring 2018) and The Intercultural Speaker Abroad (HISP-S 612, Fall 2020). These pedagogical activities were designed to test key models of pragmatics instruction and intercultural communicative competence. Authors also had the opportunity to pilot their activities with students learning Spanish or French at Indiana University . The first five contributions were piloted in face-to-face classroom interactions, while the last four, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, were tested virtually through Zoom teaching sessions.

Alessia 'Alex' Cherici
Ken de Jong

Associate Editors
Bihua Chen
Stefon Flego
Scott Kunkel
J.C. Wamsley
Jarod Warner


Published: 2021-05-08