¡No te pongas eso! Teaching How to Give Advice

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Nofiya Sarah Denbaum
Jonathan Caudell


Pragmatic competence is imperative to effectively communicate in a second language (L2). However, the performance of speech acts can be difficult to acquire, especially without pedagogical intervention. The goal of the current instructional sequence is to provide teachers with tools to educate students on the speech act of giving advice in Spanish. Through the use of pedagogical aids like Powerpoints and worksheets, the four-step lesson plan entitled ¡No te pongas eso! utilizes strategies based in consciousness-raising, the Noticing Hypothesis, and interactionist theory. Students complete a written Discourse Completion Task to discover cultural and pragmalinguistic differences, analyze advice-giving strategies, participate in role plays, and finally review and re-do the activity. This lesson is flexible and includes direct, indirect, and softened approaches to advising, and can be easily adjusted to all levels of proficiency.


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