Longitudinal Design Case of a University Preservice Technology Integration Curriculum Shaped By Its Sociopolitical Context

Lisa C. Yamagata-Lynch, Lara M. Luetkehans


This design case describes the work of two designers related to a longitudinal university preservice technology integration course series. We anchored the discussion of our case with various design values that we shared and took a critical role in our design activities. We broke our stories into three chapters in order to discuss our case in a narrative format. In each of these chapters we discuss our design problem, design values, design solutions, and design tensions. Within the chapters our discussions zoom in and out of detailed design issues related to our individual design experiences. Our case demonstrates how our design efforts and our designed products were intertwined with the sociopolitical context in which our case was situated. We end the discussion of this case by sharing what we learned.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.14434/ijdl.v5i1.5167