Contributions continue the 7:1 issue’s pork thread and emphasize meat and dairy culinary traditions from West to East, paired with wine from Newfoundland and Labradoran berries. Book reviews focus on US foodways, particularly from the American South, New England, and Hawai'i. Our lead is “‘This is Our Wine, We’re Going to Drink It’: Exploring Newfoundland and Labrador Terroir through Berry Wines” by Ema Kirbirkstis, the 2020 winner of the Sue Samuelson Award for Best Student Paper on Food and Foodways. Extensive Research Essays follow by Samantha Castleman and Noah Arney regarding western North Carolina’s livermush tradition and pre-seventeenth century bacon creation during the early modern and medieval eras in England and Western Europe. Our Amuse Bouche selection takes us to the Garhwal region of north India where Annima Bahukhandi acquaints us with her grandmother’s experience of clarifying butter and making ghee.

Cover Photo: One glass of gooseberry wine, a bottle of blueberry wine, and a bottle of gooseberry wine—all made by Herbert Greening in his home's basement work space. Note the bilingual English and French on the bottle labels. Mount Pearl, 9 November 2017. Photo: Ema Noëlla Kibirkstis.


Published: 2021-03-11