The Story of Verb™: Innovative Design Fit for Education’s 21st Century Learning Needs

Lennie Scott-Webber


People learn differently. This fact is at the heart of an educational practice revolution; active learning is at the core. Solving for active learning in the formal learning place – the classroom – became the quest of this design case’s author along with her Steelcase Education Solutions team. Active learning suggests people actually move in a classroom. Currently, classrooms are not designed for this type of activity as the modus operando is passive learning or an instructor stand and deliver situation. Much is changing in education from kindergarten through higher education. Therefore, figuring out how best to support an environment addressing active learning is important. This case shares the discovery of environmental supports for active learning and details the results of a six-step evidence-based research process that led to both the development of a furniture product that became Verb™ and a series of interior setting concept ideas for the formal learning environment.

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