The IICC Project: Integration–Insight–Creativity–Character

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Gordon Rowland
Jason Hamilton
Meghan Morales


In March 2009, the president of Ithaca College issued a challenge to faculty and staff to step outside of their disciplinary expertise to create means for students to make connections across academic fields. The design team directly addressed this challenge by proposing four one-credit mini-courses, based on a series of learning activities that revolved around systems thinking and design. Our project was accepted and serves as an example of a formal design inquiry with a systems approach at multiple levels. In this design case, we describe the project history, the course designs, the many issues we have faced, and how we have made design decisions.


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Rowland, G., Hamilton, J., & Morales, M. (2011). The IICC Project: Integration–Insight–Creativity–Character. International Journal of Designs for Learning, 2(1).
Author Biographies

Gordon Rowland, Ithaca College

Gordon Rowland is Professor of Communications, Ithaca College, Ithaca, NY.

Jason Hamilton, Ithaca College

Jason Hamilton is Associate Professor of Environmental Studies and Sciences, Ithaca College.

Meghan Morales, Ithaca College

Meghan Morales recently completed her Master of Communications degree from the Park School of Communications, Ithaca College.