Transformative Education: From Theory to Practice - Daring to Re-Imagine and Re-Innovate Introduction to Volume 3 of the Global Journal of Transformative Education

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Dr. Ndemanu
Dr. Coronel-Molina


According to the Transformative Learning Theory developed by Jack Mezirow (1991), connecting theory with practice is vital because transformative learning occurs during the connection process. A theory can be defined as a set of assumptions or hypotheses about a reality. In other words, it is a mental map representing the world (Granick, 2005; Knapper, 2000). Meanwhile practice can be defined as something that one does. Theory can inform practice because it provides a rationale for a decision or action to be taken. It is often modified based on the outcome of practice. Theory, therefore, should inform practice and vice versa. It is within this theory to practice framework that articles for this issue were framed.


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