Book Review: Transformative approaches to social justice education: Equity and access in the college classroom

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Michelle Medved


While social justice has become an increasing priority in many public institutions in the country, the Difference, Power, and Discrimination program at Oregon State University has been enlightening undergraduates for 30 years. Born out of student advocacy and the faculty that supports them, the program is an established collection of diversity education courses and faculty training seminars. The program has survived budget cuts, critics, and other challenges throughout its 30 years. Transformative Approaches to Social Justice Education describes the methods of the program pragmatically and unflinchingly so readers of the book can apply them to their classrooms.


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Michelle Medved, Indiana University

Michelle A. Medved ( is a Ph.D. student and Associate Instructor in the Literacy, Culture, and Language Education Program in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction, School of Education at Indiana University Bloomington.