Ethnomusicology Translations, a project of the Society for Ethnomusicology, is a peer-reviewed, open-access online series for the publication of ethnomusicological literature translated into English. ISSN 2473-6422.

No. 13 (2023)

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No. 12 (2021) Musica Reservata: Two Initiatory Chants for the Vòdún Worship Society in Benin. By Gilbert Rouget. Translated by Cari Friesen.


No 11 (2021) “Notes and Letters”: Music of the City in Flight / Trans-Migratory Poetry. By Antonio Monte Casablanca. Translated by Crystal Neill, with Amanda Minks and Lila Ellen Gray.


No 10 (2020) The Akazehe of Burundi: Polyphonic Interlocking Greetings and the Female Ceremonial. By Serena Facci. Translated by Alessandra Ciucci. 


No 9 (2019) The Community of Classical Japanese Music Transmission: The Preservation Imperative and the Production of Change in Nō. By Takanori Fujita. Translated by Edgar W. Pope.


No 8 (2018) Forbidden Songs of the Pgaz K’Nyau. By Suwichan Phattanaphraiwan (“Chi”). Translated by Benjamin Fairfield.


No 7 (2018) The Essence and Evolution of Song. By Vladimír Úlehla. Translated by Julia Ulehla; edited by Katherine Freeze and Richard K. Wolf.


No 6 (2017) The Formation of Ruboī Meters in Terms of Musical Rhythmic Rotations. By Abduvalī Abdurashidov. Translated by Evan Rapport, edited by Richard K. Wolf.


No 5 (2017) Musical Mourning Rituals in Sicily. By Sergio Bonanzinga. Translated by Giacomo Valentini.


No 4 (2016) The Influence of Dance-House Tourism on the Social Relationships and Traditions of a Village in Transylvania. By Sándor Varga. Translated by Valér Bedő (with Colin Quigley).


ISSN: 2473-6422