Ethnomusicology Translations, a project of the Society for Ethnomusicology, is a peer-reviewed, open-access online series for the publication of ethnomusicological literature translated into English. ISSN 2473-6422.

No. 15 (2024)

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No. 15 (2024) Ethnomusicology, Folklore, and Social Relevance. By Josep Martí. Translated by Peter Collins.


No. 14 (2024) A History of Gambyong: From Folk Art to Classical Dance. By Sri Rochana Widyastutieningrum. Translated by Maho Ishiguro, Rajendra Amira L.S., Sonia Pangesti Lambangsari, and Thow Xin Wei.


No. 13 (2023) The Morphology of Dəstgah. By Faik Ibrahim oglu Chelebi. Translated by Polina Dessiatnitchenko.


No. 12 (2021) Musica Reservata: Two Initiatory Chants for the Vòdún Worship Society in Benin. By Gilbert Rouget. Translated by Cari Friesen.


No 11 (2021) “Notes and Letters”: Music of the City in Flight / Trans-Migratory Poetry. By Antonio Monte Casablanca. Translated by Crystal Neill, with Amanda Minks and Lila Ellen Gray.


No 10 (2020) The Akazehe of Burundi: Polyphonic Interlocking Greetings and the Female Ceremonial. By Serena Facci. Translated by Alessandra Ciucci. 


No 9 (2019) The Community of Classical Japanese Music Transmission: The Preservation Imperative and the Production of Change in Nō. By Takanori Fujita. Translated by Edgar W. Pope.


No 8 (2018) Forbidden Songs of the Pgaz K’Nyau. By Suwichan Phattanaphraiwan (“Chi”). Translated by Benjamin Fairfield.


No 7 (2018) The Essence and Evolution of Song. By Vladimír Úlehla. Translated by Julia Ulehla; edited by Katherine Freeze and Richard K. Wolf.


No 6 (2017) The Formation of Ruboī Meters in Terms of Musical Rhythmic Rotations. By Abduvalī Abdurashidov. Translated by Evan Rapport, edited by Richard K. Wolf.


ISSN: 2473-6422