The Morphology of Dəstgah. By Faik Ibrahim oglu Chelebi. Translated by Polina Dessiatnitchenko.

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Polina Dessiatnitchenko


Faik Chelebi, ethnomusicologist and distinguished tar performer, provides a detailed theoretical analysis of mugham, a branch of Azerbaijani traditional music. Relying on a vast number of sound recordings and his performance expertise, he presents a morphology of the main cyclical genre of mugham known as dəstgah. All the constituents of dəstgah and their internal cyclical connections are analyzed, making this study an entry point into the entire complex of genres belonging to Azerbaijani mugham.

Citation: Chelebi, Faik Ibrahim oglu. The Morphology of Dəstgah. Translated by Polina Dessiatnitchenko. Ethnomusicology Translations, no. 13. Bloomington, IN: Society for Ethnomusicology, 2023. DOI: 10.14434/emt.No.13.36036

Originally published in Russian as Morfologiya Dastgyaha. Dissertation conspectus. Russian Institute of Art History, 2009.


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