The Role of Human Rights Education in the Formation of an Active Citizenry

Aida Maria Monteiro Silva, Celma Tavares


This article aims to discuss the importance of human rights education in the citizenship’s formation process and in the strengthening of democracy. This formation is understood from the perspective of the concepts of democracy and active citizenship that allow the human being to comprehend both its own society’s historical process and the importance of human rights to develop projects that seeks to intervene or change a reality. The other objective of this article is to reflect on the respect for cultural diversity and for the dignity of human being, as multiculturalism should articulate itself towards the promotion of human rights. Therefore, this text seeks to contribute to the discussion on the existent difficulties and possibilities in the country related to these topics, bearing in mind the creation of a citizenship formation that is able to confront secular problems and to promote the evolution into a society that is participative, active and conscious of its rights and duties– a real tolerant and democratic society.


human rights; active citizenship; multiculturalism; education; citizenship’s formation.

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