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Announcing a Transition for Plath Profiles: New Reading Window January 2024


Dear Readers,

Dolores Batten and I, Eric Shoemaker, have decided after much discussion that it is time for the two of us to transition away from editing Plath Profiles. We've made 5 wonderful volumes since 2018, and we are happy with the work we've done. We’d like to thank you for reading and for supporting our work and also for upholding the legacy of Plath Profiles. We’d like to give a shout out to Bill Buckley for beginning the journal and for assisting us as we continued what he started; Kathleen Qiu for designing and producing the volumes, website, images, and other assets, and for being an incredible collaborative partner; and Gary, Hiromi, Catherine, Sarah, Scarlett, and all of our readers, reviewers, and editors over the years who have done the work to make Plath Profiles come together.

We want the journal to continue to grow and succeed, and so we have partnered with the Sylvia Plath Society to transfer editorship of the journal to the society. While the journal’s mission to promote Plath scholarship and creative work remains, it will undergo a brand shift over the next year. The next volume will be delayed while the new editors from the Plath Society establish the future of the journal. If you have submitted, you are welcome to withdraw your work for submission elsewhere or to sit tight for the next reading window, which will begin in January 2024.

Thank you, readers and writers, for all you do and have done. We've really enjoyed working with you!

-Eric and Dolores

Vol. 14 No. 1 (2022): Volume 14

Published: 2022-10-27


Garry Franks

Editors' Note

Volume 14

Robert Eric Shoemaker; Dolores Batten

Table of Contents

Volume 14

Robert Eric Shoemaker; Dolores Batten


Volume 14

Robert Eric Shoemaker
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