Pedagogical Interrelationships The Transformed Landscape of Deliberations

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Anita Chadha


Research indicates that peer interaction in the online classroom engages students in academic reflective deliberations. This study assesses student peer interactions on a purposefully designed collaborative website in an American politics course offered across two courses.  Significant evidence reveals that students are open, candid, and inquisitive of varied positions while interacting with academic reflectivity across each question asked of them.  They argue their perspectives with each other, teach and add information to their deliberations while being academically reflective. This study concludes that a peer interactive design is an invaluable method to engage students in academic deliberation while providing educators, researchers, and administrators an innovative means to enhance active learning and participation online.


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Chadha, A. (2022). Pedagogical Interrelationships: The Transformed Landscape of Deliberations. Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, 22(2).