Augmented Reality Facilitated Scavenger Hunt for Mobile Learning

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Lan Li


Game-based learning has become increasingly popular in recent years and has drawn an increasing level of attention in education. While the preliminary findings of educational gaming impact are quite promising, the current dilemma is the disconnect between what is available on the market and what is needed in the classroom. There has been an increasing call for teachers to be game designers to create educational games that tailor to their specific instructional needs. This paper shares one example how an educator, performing both roles as class teacher and game designer, utilized Augmented Reality and mobile learning to modernize a traditional scavenger hunt to engage students and promote their learning. It is the author’s hope that this paper would encourage more educators to explore, experiment, and discover how game-based learning may be effectively utilized in their classrooms.


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Li, L. (2020). Augmented Reality Facilitated Scavenger Hunt for Mobile Learning. Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, 20(2).
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