Illuminare: A Student Journal in Recreation, Parks, and Tourism Studies

The Illuminare is an online, open access, peer-reviewed journal that aims to publish original student work in the field of leisure studies. Established in 1992 by students in the Indiana University RPTS Department, the journal has been emblematic as the premier student-generated leisure journal.

Vol 14 (2016): Illuminare: A Student Journal in Recreation, Parks, and Leisure Studies

Originally established in 1992, the Illuminare is a refereed journal within the parks, recreation, tourism, and leisure fields, created and managed by students of the Indiana University’s Department of Recreation, Park, and Tourism Studies. The Illuminare was the result of a collective vision of these students and founding advisor Dr. Ruth Russell, who saw a need to provide a platform for student publications in the field of leisure services in order to gain a sense of professionalism, share ideas, and promote student work.

The journal’s name, Illuminare, is derived from the Latin llūmin and means to light the way, illustrate, or inform.  Aptly, it corresponds with the overall purpose of the journal:

The Illuminare strives to light the way by reviewing, encouraging, and assisting students in efforts to publish and participate in the publishing process, and to inform by distributing and sharing student research in the field of parks, recreation, tourism, or leisure studies.

The journal had nearly a decade of success as a hard-copy publication and during the 2010-2011 academic year transitioned into an online, open access student journal. The journal continues to be a peer-reviewed and publishes research in five core areas of leisure studies: Recreational Sport Administration, Park and Recreation Management, Outdoor Recreation, Therapeutic Recreation, and Tourism Management.

Table of Contents


Susan Barnett, Allison L Fletcher

General Leisure - Other

Rebecca Dick

Recreational Sport Administration

Brad Camp, Joey Gray

Parks and Recreation Management

Elizabeth E. Perry

Research Briefs

Susan Barnett