Ilham Nasser and Nuraan Davids


Special Article
Abdul Hamid AbuSulayman: Civilizational Education for Transformation 
Abdelaziz Berghout


Using Playback Theater with Adolescents in the Qalandia Refugee Camp in Palestine
Khitam Edelbi 

Connecting the Dots: Reflections on Young Children’s Voices during COVID -19
Buad Khales

Students’ Sense of Belonging at Full-Time Islamic Schools in the United States: A Phenomenological Study
Seema Imam and Shaza Khan

The Role of Islamic Schools: Between Muslim Immigrant Families’/Students’ Perceptions and Institutional Realities
Mohamed A. Nur-Awaleh and Reda Mohammed


Practitioner’s Note
Holistic Education Must Finally Overcome Subject-Area Barriers
Susan L. Douglass


Book Reviews
Curriculum Renewal for Islamic Education: Critical Perspectives on Teaching Islam in Primary and Secondary Schools (edited by Nadeem A. Memon, Mariam Alhashmi, and Mohamad Abdalla)
Ricky Bains

Environmental Wisdom for Planet Earth:  The Islamic Heritage, Rev Ed. (by Bakar Osman)
Rosnani Hashim

Islamic Identity, Postcoloniality, and Educational Policy: Schooling and Ethno-Religious Conflict in the Southern Philippines (by Jeffrey Ayala Milligan)
Joshua S. Gedacht

Islamic Schools in France. Minority Integration and Separatism in Western Society (by Carine Bourget)
Jim Wolfreys


In Conversation With Dr. Hisham Altalib
Alyaa Ebbiary