All article submissions to Indiana Theory Review are subject to a process of double-blind anonymous peer review. The success of our journal depends on the generous contributions of time and expertise provided by our Editorial Board, comprising a diverse group of distinguished scholars at many institutions across the world.


Kyle Adams
Indiana University

Fernando Benadon
American University

Nicole Biamonte
McGill University

Antares Boyle
Portland State University

 Michael Buchler
Florida State University

Carolann Buff
Indiana University

Julian Hook
Indiana University

Liam Hynes-Tawa
Yale University

Roman Ivanovitch
Indiana University

Kristina Knowles
Arizona State University

Kevin Korsyn
University of Michigan

Harald Krebs
University of Victoria 

Gavin Lee
Soochow University

Rachel Lumsden
Florida State University

Andrew Mead
Indiana University  

Jan Miyake
Oberlin College and Conservatory

Nancy Murphy
University of Michigan

Caleb Mutch
Max Planck Institute for Empirical Aesthetics

Nancy Rao
Rutgers University

Frank Samarotto
Indiana University

Olga Sánchez-Kisielewska
University of Chicago

Daniel Shanahan
Northwestern University

Nicholas Shea
Arizona State University 

Rebecca Simpson-Litke
University of Manitoba  

Gabriel Venegas-Carro
University of Costa Rica 

Keith Waters
University of Colorado, Boulder