Call for Papers—ITR/MT Joint Issue


The Indiana Theory Review (ITR) and Musica Theorica (MT) are glad to announce the start of a collaborative project centered on multilingual joint publications. By simultaneously publishing in English and Spanish or Portuguese, we aim to foreground work produced in languages with less visibility in the field of music theory while bringing works in English to a broader readership.

For our first joint issue, we encourage submissions on the topic of “Music Theory, Analysis, and Latin America.” Our broad topic is not meant as an exhaustive approach to the subject, but as an open invitation to authors from any background working on any of the diverse musical practices of Latin America. Papers may address, for instance, Latin American repertoires, composers, and compositional styles from an analytical perspective. They can also discuss ideas, concepts, or music theories proposed or developed within this region.

Publication of Volume 37 and Call for Submissions


We are pleased to announce the publication of Volume 37 of the Indiana Theory Review, which includes:
Evan Campbell (Crane School of Music, SUNY Potsdam), “On the Relationship Between Meantone Temperament and Counterpoint in the Early Baroque”
Scott C. Schumann (Central Michigan University), “Distorted Topics in Stravinsky’s Neoclassical Works: Alterations of Conventional Musical and Expressive Ideas”
Amanda Bono (The Library of Congress), “Ellen Taaffe Zwilich, Symphony No. 2, and the Elements of Her Compositional Style”
David H. Miller (University of California, Berkeley), “Hidden Endings and Disappearing Measures in the First Movement of Schubert’s String Quintet in C Major, D. 956”
Ann K. Gebuhr (Houston, TX) and Robert S. Hatten (The University of Texas at Austin),  “The Inspiration of Krzysztof Penderecki: A Personal Retrospective from the United States”
Ben Duinker (University of Toronto),review of Rhymes in the Flow: How Rappers Flip the Beat. By Macklin Smith and Aurko Joshi. Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 2020.

Publication of Volume 36 and Call for Submissions


We are pleased to announce the publication of Volume 36 of the Indiana Theory Review. This volume includes a variety of repertoires and approaches: Chelsey L. Hamm (Christopher Newport University), "Interdisciplinary Assignments in the Music Fundamentals Classroom;" Samantha M. Inman (Stephen F. Austin State University), "Reprise Structures in Haydn's Op. 50 Minuets;" James S. MacKay (Loyola University New Orleans), "Fuzzy Boundaries in Classical Sonata Expositions: The Main Theme→Transition Thematic Complex;" Dave Molk (Independent Researcher), "Beethoven's “Tempest” Sonata: Ambiguity and Largo-Allegro Hybrid Passages;" Gilad Rabinovitch (Florida State University), "Hidden Polyphony, Linear Hierarchy, and Scale-Degree Associations in Galant Schemata."

Publication of Volume 34 and Call for Submissions


We are pleased to announce the publication of Volume 34 of the Indiana Theory Review. This volume includes a variety of repertoires and approaches: Michael Vitalino (Crane School of Music, SUNY Potsdam), “Liszt’s ‘Poisoned’ Song: Examining the Versions and Poetic Interpretations of Vergiftet sind meine Lieder;” Jacob Gran (Louisiana State University), “Ornamental and Motivic Integration in Chopin’s Op. 9 Nocturnes;” Miona Dimitrijevic (Université de Strasbourg), “Elaboration of the Grundgestalt through an Analysis of Max Reger’s Orchestral Works;” Russell Knight (Pomona College & Scripps College), “On the Analytical Tradition of Schoenberg’s Erwartung (Op. 17);” and Steven D. Mathews (University of Cincinnati), Review of Analysis of 18th- and 19th-Century Musical Works in the Classical Tradition by David Beach and Ryan McClelland. New York: Routledge, 2012.


Publication of Volume 33 and Call for Submissions


We are pleased to announce the publication of Volume 33 (1&2) of Indiana Theory Review, in honor of Professor Mary H. Wennerstrom. Professor Wennerstrom retired from Indiana University in 2016 after a career that inspired generations of students through many years of innovative pedagogy and remarkable scholarship. This volume contains articles written by several of her former students and colleagues on novel pedagogical approaches and twentieth-century analysis in honor of her distinguished career as an educator and analyst. (Click below for details)

Publication of Volume 32 and Call for Submissions


We are happy to announce the publication of Volume 32 (1&2) of Indiana Theory Review, including articles by Mitchell Ohriner, Timothy Cutler, Matthew BaileyShea, Jennifer Beavers, Cora Palfy, and Mark Anson-Cartwright. Many thanks to everyone who contributed to this volume: the authors, reviewers, ITR staff, and Indiana University Press, our new publisher. (Click below for details)