Vol 4, No 2 (2010)

Table of Contents

Peer-Reviewed Articles

A Picture of an Old Country Store: The Construction of Folklore in Everyday Life PDF HTML
Jon Kay 144-155

Peer-Reviewed Object Studies

Objects of Purpose—Objects of Prayer: Peyote Boxes of the Native American Church PDF HTML
Daniel C. Swan 156-189

Review Essays

Review Essay: Alaskan Yup’ik Ethnography at the Ethnologisches Museum Berlin PDF HTML
Carol Zane Jolles 190-195
Review Essay: Writing Identities—or Weaving the Social Fabric? PDF HTML
Magnus Fiskesjö 196-201

Exhibition Reviews

Harbor–Soundscape–Soundwalk PDF HTML
Arnika Peselmann 202-204

Book Reviews

Curating Oral Histories: From Interview to Archive (MacKay) PDF HTML
Judith A. Gray 205-208
Museum of Islamic Art, Doha, Qatar (Jodidio) PDF HTML
Bernard O'Kane 209-210
Recoding the Museum: Digital Heritage and the Technologies of Change (Parry) PDF HTML
Patricia Kay Galloway 211-213
First Nations Cultural Heritage and Law: Case Studies, Voices and Perspectives (Bell and Napoleon, eds.) PDF HTML
Gerald Conaty 214-217
Kingdom of Beauty: Mingei and the Politics of Folk Art in Imperial Japan (Brandt) PDF HTML
Liora Sarfati 218-220
Living with Things: Ridding, Accommodation, Dwelling (Gregson) PDF HTML
Pauline Garvey 221-223
Through Darkening Spectacles: Memoirs of Diamond Jenness (Jenness and Jenness) PDF HTML
Hannah Voorhees 224-226
Crafting New Traditions: Canadian Innovators and Influences (Egan, Elder, and Johnson, eds.) PDF HTML
Grace Nickel 227-228
The 1904 Anthropology Days and Olympic Games: Sport, Race, and American Imperialism (Brownell, ed.) PDF HTML
Andi Johnson 229-231
Objects: Reluctant Witnesses to the Past (Caple) PDF HTML
Jeb J. Card 232-234
Longing and Belonging: Parents, Children and Consumer Culture (Pugh) PDF HTML
Heather A. Horst 235-236
One Hundred Summers: A Kiowa Calendar Record (Greene) PDF HTML
Clyde Ellis 237-238
An Intimate Affair: Women, Lingerie, and Sexuality (Fields) PDF HTML
Leigh Summers 239-241
European Visions: American Voices (Sloan, ed.) PDF HTML
Margaret Huber 242-243
Challenging Traditions: Contemporary First Nations Art of the Northwest Coast (Thom) PDF HTML
Aldona Jonaitis 244-246
For Gods, Ghosts and Ancestors: The Chinese Tradition of Paper Offerings (Scott) PDF HTML
Jiang Lu 247-248
Mami Wata: Arts for Water Spirits in Africa and Its Diasporas (Drewal) PDF HTML
Ellen Sieber 249-251
Here, George Washington Was Born: Memory, Material Culture, and the Public History of a National Monument (Bruggeman) PDF HTML
Scott E. Casper 252-254
Surviving against the Odds: Village Industry in Indonesia (Dunham) PDF HTML
Kenneth M. George 255-257
Aboriginal Business: Alliances in a Remote Australian Town (Christen) PDF HTML
Daniel Fischer 258-261

Media Reviews

Painting A New Battle Tipi [DVD] (Swan, McCarty, and Jordan) PDF HTML
Clyde Ellis 262-263

Journal Reviews

Fashion Practice: The Journal of Design, Creative Process and the Fashion Industry PDF HTML
Lori Hall-Araujo 264-266

Books and Media Received

Books and Media Received PDF HTML