Books and Media Received

Books and Media Received*

Museum Anthropology Review received the following books, printed catalogs, and media projects for review between April 13, 2010 and August 17, 2010. Publishers and institutions wishing to submit materials for review may send copies to the editorial office: Museum Anthropology Review, Department of Folklore and Ethnomusicology, Indiana University, 504 N. Fess Ave., Bloomington, IN 47408, USA. Readers of the journal are also encouraged to suggest titles appropriate for review. Not all titles submitted will be reviewed, but every effort will be made to secure reviews of materials appropriate to the scope of the journal. Digital tear sheets will be provided promptly to publishers of works that are reviewed in the journal.

Chris Bailey and Hazel Gardiner, eds. Revisualizing Visual Culture. (Burlington, VT: Ashgate, 2010).

Harold Balazs and Friends. Harold Balazs. (Spokane, WA: Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture, 2010).

Tim Benton, ed. Understanding Heritage and Memory. (Manchester, UK: Manchester University Press, 2010).

Arthur Asa Berger. The Objects of Affection: Semiotics and Consumer Culture. (New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2010).

Prasad Boradkar. Designing Things: A Critical Introduction to the Culture of Objects. (New York: Berg, 2010).

Chip Colwell-Chanthaphonh, Steven E. Nash, and Steven R. Holen. Crossroads of Culture: Anthropology Collections at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. (Boulder: University Press of Colorado, 2010).

David H. Dye. War Paths, Peace Paths: An Archaeology of Cooperation and Conflict in Native Eastern North America. (Lanham, MD: AltaMira, 2009).

Billy Ehn and Orvar Löfgren. The Secret World of Doing Nothing. (Berkeley: University of California Press, 2010).

Maureen Daly Goggin and Beth Fawkes Tobin, eds. Material Women, 1750-1950: Consuming Desires and Collecting Practices. (Burlington, VT: Ashgate, 2009).

Maureen Daly Goggin and Beth Fawkes Tobin, eds. Women and Things, 1750-1950: Gendered Material Strategies. (Burlington, VT: Ashgate, 2009).

Nancy Groce. Lox, Stocks, and Backstage Broadway: Iconic Trades of New York City. (Washington: Smithsonian Institution Scholarly Press, 2010).

A. Irving Hallowell. Contributions to Ojibwe Studies: Essays, 1934-1972. Jennifer S. H. Brown and Susan Elaine Gray, eds. (Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 2010).

Rodney Harrison, ed. Understanding the Politics of Heritage. (Manchester, UK: Manchester University Press, 2010).

Aldona Jonaitis and Aaron Glass. The Totem Pole: An Intercultural History. (Seattle: University of Washington Press, 2010).

Miriam R. Levin, Sophie Forgan, Martina Hessler, Robert H. Kargon, and Morris Low. Urban Modernity: Cultural Innovation in the Second Industrial Revolution. (Cambridge: MIT Press, 2010).

Margaret MacMillan. Dangerous Games: The Uses and Abuses of History. (New York: Modern Library, 2010).

Phyllis Mauch Messenger and George S. Smith. Cultural Heritage Management: A Global Perspective. (Gainesville: University Press of Florida, 2010).

Minnesota Historical Society. Ojibwe Shoulder Bag Activity Kit. (St. Paul: Minnesota Historical Society, 2010).

Luca Mozzati. Islamic Art. (New York, Prestel, 2010).

Rozsika Parker. The Subversive Stitch: Embroidery and the Making of the Feminine. Rev. ed. (London: I. B. Tauris, 2010).

Prince Maximilian Alexander Philipp. The North American Journals of Prince Maximilian of Wied, Volume 2: April-September 1833. Stephen S. Witte and Marsha V. Gallagher, eds. (Norman: University of Oklahoma Press, 2010).

Kavita Ramdya. Bollywood Weddings: Dating, Engagement, and Marriage in Hindu America. (Lanham, MD: Lexington Books, 2010).

Donald B. Redford. City of the Ram-Man: The Story of Ancient Mendes. (Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 2010).

Manuel Laranjeira Rodrigues de Areia and Roland Kaehr. Collections D'Angola 2: Les Masques. Collections du Musée d'ethnographie de Neuchâtel, 7. (Neuchâtel: Musée d'ethnographie, 2009).

Ezra Shales. Made in Newark: Cultivating Industrial Arts and Civic Identity in the Progressive Era. (New Brunswick, NJ: Rutgers University Press, 2010).

Ralph Shanks and Lisa Woo Shanks, eds. California Indian Baskets: San Diego to Santa Barbara and Beyond to the San Joaquin Valley, Mountains and Deserts. Indian Baskets of California and Oregon, 2. (Novato, CA: Costaño Books, 2010).

Roy Shuker. Wax Trash and Vinyl Treasures: Record Collecting as a Social Practice. (Burlington, VT: Ashgate, 2010).

Chadwick Corntassel Smith and Rennard Strickland with Benny Smith. ᎥᎪᏢᏍᎬ ᏌᏇ ᎠᏥᎸ | Building One Fire: Art and World View in Cherokee Life. Tahlequah, OK: Cherokee Nation, 2010).

Jeremy Stolow. Orthodox By Design: Judaism, Print Politics, and the Artscroll Revolution. (Berkeley: University of California Press, 2010).

Daniel H. Usner, Jr. Indian Work: Language and Livelihood in Native American History. (Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2009).

Roy Wagner. Coyote Anthropology. (Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 2010).

Susie West, ed. Understanding Heritage in Practice. (Manchester, UK: Manchester University Press, 2010).

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