Museum Anthropology Review (MAR) is an open access journal whose purpose is the wide dissemination of peer-reviewed articles, reviews, essays, project reports, and other content advancing the field of material culture and museum studies, broadly conceived. Museum Anthropology Review is the scholarly journal of the Mathers Museum of World Cultures. ISSN 1938-5145.

MAR 12(2) Now Published


MAR's fall 2018 issue--12(2)--has now been published. It is a special issue guest edited by Christina Gish Hill and Medeia Csoba DeHass. Thanks go to them, to the authors included in the issue, and to the reviewers and helpers who assisted in publishing the collection in behind the scenes ways.

Vol 12 No 2 (2018): Digital Representation of Indigenous Peoples through Sharing, Collaboration, and Negotiation

This special issue of Museum Anthropology Review presents a collection of papers exploring digital practices in Indigenous communities of North America and the Arctic. The guest editors and contributing authors place special emphasis on themes of collaboration, recounting and contextualizing a range of digital projects related to indigenous cultural heritage concerns.

Published: 2018-08-10

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