Preparing to View the 2024 Total Eclipse Safely: A Video Article

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Tom J. McConnell


The total solar eclipse coming in April, 2024, is naturally drawing a great deal of attention from scientists, science educators, and casual science enthusiasts. Indiana is expected a large contingent of visitors from around the world for the event. Science educators can use this exciting natural phenomenon as teaching tool, and we can all look forward to a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

A partial eclipse in 2017 taught us some lessons about solar eclipse viewing with a public audience. One of those lessons is that school administrators tend to react with extreme caution when eclipses occur. Principals and superintendents across the state directed teachers to not let students go outside during the eclipse to avoid potential injuries from viewing the eclipse without proper safety precautions.

As a life-long science educator, the author suggests a different approach. With proper planning and preparation, including educating our school administrators, the 2024 total eclipse can be a fun and educational… and safe! The tools to view and eclipse safely are easy to find, and there are excellent materials that even young children can make and use at school, at home, or at a public eclipse viewing event.

To help teachers and administrators learn more about how to prepare for safe eclipse viewing, the science education community at Ball State University offers a video article. You can view the article by clicking the following link to the YouTube video:

Preparing to View the 2024 Total Eclipse Safely: A Video Article


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Tom J. McConnell, Ball State University

Dr. McConnell is a Professor of Science Education in the Department of Biology, Ball State University. He is the Managing Editor of GJTE, and a co-author of the Problem-Based Learning in the Science Classroom series of books. He is also the Author/Director of the Conservation Tales book series and the director of the Conservation Educator Academy at the Indianapolis Zoo.