New citizenships: Identitary processes of young adults involved in social action

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Ana Corina Fernández Alatorre


This article reveals the initial findings of ongoing research on young adults, who voluntarily, becamemembers of a new collective action generation (Melucci, 2002), that creates organizations for thedevelopment of communitarian educational interventions as means to rebuild everyday contextsof trust and meaning, Lechner (1998), for outcast youngsters, through collective participation andorganization empowerment.

By using focus groups and life stories to explore the meaningful life´s components ofyoungsters organization members’ Acciones para el Desarrollo Comunitario, A.C., a non-governmentalorganization, in order to think on formal processes of civic education from de non formal educationexperiences. These findings highlight the significance of the self-identification process among youngadults, including localized civic engagement and mechanisms for inter-generational transmission.

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