Indigenous Scholastic Education in Roraima, Brazilian Amazon: Intercultural Conflicts in Constructing Educational Proposals

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Maxim Repetto


This article addresses the process through which indigenous communities seek to takeownership of schools, while promoting their transformation and adaptation to their reality. This hasled to demands made of schools and especially the indigenous school system in the Brazilian state ofRoraima. The author explains how this process is not free from contradictions, which are manifestedin both the social changes induced by schools, especially in terms of intergenerational conflicts, andalso in communities’ expectations for school education. The article addresses three experiencesin conceptual debates that have emerged in the context of the Instituto Insikiran de FormaciónSuperior Indígena, at the Universidad Federal de Roraima (UFRR). Although these experiences arestill underway, they have led to reflection on the experience of educating indigenous teachers inthis Amazon region of Brazil, and in particular, have been useful in evaluating the experience on thebasis of self-critical reflection.


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