On the Urgent Social Relevance of Linguistics: Teaching Portuguese y Citizenship Education in Brazil

Milton Francisco


Djana Antonucci Correa, linguist and professor at the State University of Ponta Grossa (Paraná), organized a provocative, disturbing, and uncomfortable book, that seeks effective answers regarding the teaching of Portuguese language and the practice of linguists. In articles originated in events that took place in this university over the past few years, permeated by questions about language policy, Carlos Alberto Faraco, Maria do Rosário Gregolin, Gilvan Muller de Oliveira, Telma Gimenez and Luiz Carlos Travaglia – each located in their own theoretical and practical experience – reveal, directly or indirectly, the "crisis of purpose" that linguistics is undergoing in Brazil (perhaps, in the world, if we could expand our perspective). In return, they suggest ways for implementing the teaching of Portuguese, and the relationship between research and society. For these and other reasons that we will try to highlight, The Social Relevance of Linguistics, has become “the book of the hour.”