Interview with Dr. Judith-Torney Purta

Jorge Baxter


Dr. Judith Torney-Purta is a Professor of Human Development at the University of Maryland. Her distinguished scholarly work includes the books, Civic Education across Countries: Twenty-four National Case Studies from the IEA Civic Education Study, which received the CHOICE Award from the American Library Association as an Outstanding Academic Book of the Year, Civic Education in Twenty-Eight Countries: Civic Knowledge and Engagement at Age Fourteen, and Strengthening democracy in the Americas through civic education: An empirical analysis of the views of students and teachers. Dr. Torney-Purta served for over a decade as the International Steering Committee Chair of the International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement’ Civic Education Study. The study surveyed the knowledge of civic topics and the political attitudes and engagement of 140,000 adolescents from 28 countries around the globe, including Chile, Colombia, and the United States.