Recollections of Mrs. Hughes's Student

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Ellen Bartlett Nodelman
Amanda Golden



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Ellen Bartlett Nodelman, Smith College

Ellen Bartlett Nodelman was born in New York City and spent her early childhood there, before going off to India and then to the Philippines with her parents, places where she spent her late childhood and adolescence. An English major at Smith College, she did graduate work at Berkeley, then went on to work in publishing in New York City, working as a freelance writer and editor in both publishing and public relations after marrying and starting a family. She became an English teacher at Rockland Country Day School, in Congers, NY, in what was meant to be a temporary "gig" but ended up staying at the school up through the present time, despite an attempt at early retirement which didn't last. As an English teacher, she has attempted to pass on the lessons on critical reading and writing that she learned so well from Sylvia Plath, and she has gotten great pleasure from introducing her students to her "old teacher." Over the years she has managed to overcome the writer's block that ensued from her initial contact with Plath; she is back to work on her writing, currently completing a book on the school at which she has taught for so long and working on both fiction and poetry of her own.

Amanda Golden, Georgia Institute of Technology

Amanda Golden is a Marion L. Brittain Post Doctoral Fellow at the Georgia Institute of Technology. She previously held a Post-Doctoral Fellowship in Poetics from Emory University's Fox Center for Humanistic Inquiry and taught at Agnes Scott College and the University of Washington. She is completing the book manuscript Annotating Modernism: The Reading and Teaching Strategies of Sylvia Plath, John Berryman, and Anne Sexton and is the Book Review Editor of Woolf Studies Annual. She has published or has forthcoming essays in Plath Profiles: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Sylvia Plath Studies, The Ted Hughes Society Journal, Woolf Studies Annual, and Contradictory Woolf: Selected Papers from the Twenty-First Annual Conference on Virginia Woolf.