Composing an “Agon” and “Lettering a Public”: Democracy Between Binaries?

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Jeremy Gordon


In response to ongoing expansion of neoliberal ideology in democratic education, this essay details a classroom experiment that attempts to “redo,” or “recraft” democracy. Recrafting democracy, in this context, takes shape in active efforts to compose an agonistic public sphere through a specific kind of “lettering a public.” As described, intentionally inefficient student efforts to “care-fully” compose, revise, and mail democratic letters allowed a more reciprocal and felt form of democratic deliberation to unfold. The essay describes the “Dear Demos” course assignment and articulates how the experiment in doing democracy might work to contest neoliberal notions of efficient, technocratic models of self-governance.


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Gordon, J. (2021). Composing an “Agon” and “Lettering a Public”: Democracy Between Binaries?. Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, 21(4).
Pedagogy of the Polarized