Published: 2011-05-02

Journal Introduction

Mark Houlemarde, Tracy Teel


Muslim Student Experiences in the Residence Halls: A Qualitative Analysis

Ashley Calkins, Adam Callahan, Mark E. Houlemarde, Janet Ikpa, Chelsea Jones, Christina King


Narratives of Black and Latino Faculty at a Midwestern Research University

Andrew K. Bennett, Derrick L. Tillman-Kelly, Johari R. Shuck, Jasmine M. Viera, Bethany J. Wall


Beyond the Barricade: A Holistic View of Veteran Students at an Urban University

Ashley Grimes, Morgan Meehan, Danielle Miller, Sarah E. Mills, Molly C. Ward, Nicholas P. Wilkinson


The Experience of White Students as a Temporary Minority in TRIO-Funded Programs-

Amanda L. Bonilla, Erica Campbell, Whitney Watkins, Joliana Yee