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Summer Solstice Celebration, Kenai Peninsula, Alaska

This video was filmed at a summer solstice celebration in the wooded area of the "North Road" of the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska. The celebration and its associated drumming have become a major community event for this sparsely populated area. The drumming tradition has been well received in nearby towns as well, and drummers have occasionally performed for festivals and other events under the name "The North Road Pounders." Thompson's associated article investigates the celebratory complex, calling for inquiry into the dynamics of such "new authenticities." The clip shown here was filmed by Debi Boyle (all rights reserved). It is displayed as a JFR multimedia feature with her express permission.

Associated article:

Tok Freeland Thompson, "'Ladies and Gentlemen, The North Road Pounders!': An Inquiry into Identity, Aesthetics, and New Authenticities in Rural Alaska," Journal of Folklore Research 40/3 (2003): 273–88.


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