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Archer, John
The Little Waiata That Ran Away: Some Much-Travelled Songs from the Maori-Pakeha Cultural Interface
See "The Little Waiata That Ran Away: Songs from the Maori-Pakeha Cultural Interface," Journal of Folklore Research 44/2–3 (2007): 239–47.
Cashman, Ray
Mumming in West Tyrone, Northern Ireland
See "Mumming with the Neighbors in West Tyrone," Journal of Folklore Research 37/1 (2000): 73–84.
Hathaway, Rosemary V.
Vernacular Responses to the Events of September 11, 2001
See "'Life in the TV': The Visual Nature of 9/11 Lore and Its Impact on Vernacular Response," Journal of Folklore Research 42/1 (2005): 33–56.
Lindahl, Carl
Merrywise: A Performance by Jane Muncy Fugate
See "Two Tellings of 'Merrywise': 1949 and 2000," Journal of Folklore Research 38/1–2 (2001): 39–54.
Moore, Willard B.
The Painted Villages of Meso-America
See "The Intersection of Folk and Fine Art," Journal of Folklore Research 36/1 (1999): 71–82.
Siporin, Steve
A Contemporary Legend from Italy
See "A Contemporary Legend from Italy," Journal of Folklore Research 45/2 (2008): 171–92.
Thompson, Tok Freeland
Summer Solstice Celebration, Kenai Peninsula, Alaska
See "'Ladies and Gentlemen, the North Road Pounders!': An Inquiry into Identity, Aesthetics, and New Authenticities in Rural Alaska," Journal of Folklore Research 40/3 (2003): 273–88.
Young, Katharine
Gastrulation Gestures
See "Aesthetic Ecologies: Reflections on What Makes Artifacts Art," Journal of Folklore Research 51/2 (2014).