Published between 2016 and 2020, the Journal of Economic Development in Higher Education is the journal of the University Economic Development Association (UEDA). The Journal is dedicated to the study of university-led economic development. It examines ways in which higher education fosters competitiveness through human capital formation; research and innovation; and quality-of-place strategies that make communities attractive places to live, work, operate businesses, and raise families. ISSN 2642-0600

Vol. 3 (2020): Journal of Economic Development in Higher Education

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The Journal includes articles on new frameworks, theories, or concepts; data-driven research articles; program evaluations, qualitative or quantitative case studies and/or opinion pieces that highlight or analyze the role played by institutions of higher education* in:

  • Promoting economic development, innovation, and entrepreneurship, especially through interdisciplinary initiatives and public-private partnerships;
  • Improving the impact, reach, and applicability of the institution’s research—and improving the impact and reach of other strategic niches of expertise—to enhance institutional and regional competitiveness;
  • Applying basic and applied research to solve an industry’s—or the region’s—most pressing challenges;
  • Leveraging institutional research and other resources to accelerate business formation and growth, develop new products and services, and/or link local businesses to the global economy through foreign investment or trade;
  • Engaging and linking elements of their region’s innovation ecosystem;
  • Developing and implementing solutions to their region’s human capital and workforce needs;
  • Facilitating access by various constituents to information or institutional resources; and
  • Stewardship for vibrant regions:
    • Innovative economies,
    • Livable communities,
    • Social inclusion, and
    • Collaborative governance

The journal also seeks submissions addressing the theoretical underpinnings on exactly why and how university-led economic development benefits society.

* For the purposes of this journal, institutions of higher education include community colleges, 4-year colleges, universities, consortiums of these types of entities, or affiliated institutions with an economic development mission, to include university-hosted Small Business Development Center, business incubators, business accelerators, research and technology parks, etc.