Abstracts of Warrick County, Indiana, Wills, 1814-1839

Thomas J. Dillingham


Indiana Magazine of History, Volume 44, Issue 3, pp 323-326

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Genealogy: Abstracts of Warrick County, Indiana, Wills, 1814-1839

Thomas J. Dillingham

James, Ellenor. Will dated Feb. 17, 1816; no record of probate. Heirs: sons, Samuel, Lewis, Henry; daughters, Ruth, Ellenor Hay; granddaughter, Ellenor James. Executors: Lewis James, George W. Tevault. Witnesses: Benjamin W. Knox, Britain West. Warrick County, Indiana, Deed Records, 1813-1817, p. 128.

Arnold, Joseph. Will dated June 23, 1814; probated Nov. 11, 1814. Heirs: wife, Hannah; children, John, Rachel, William, Sarah. Executor not given. Witnesses: James Cross, Thomas Lee. Owned land in Muhlenberg County, Kentucky. Ibid., 1817-1819, p. 2.

Winkler, David, Sr. Will dated Dec. 21, 1821; probated Mar. 5, 1822. Heirs: wife, Sarah; sons, Edmond F., Young U., Thomas, John P.; other heirs, Polly Jones, Vashti Wallis, Elizabeth Allison, Joseph, Henry, David and Andrew Winkler. Executors: Joseph and Henry Winkler. Witnesses: John and Thomas Jones, William Smith. Ibid., 9.

Rhodes, Daniel. Will dated Nov. 22, 1818; probated Mar. 1819. Heirs: wife, Mary; children, Daniel, Andrew, Isaac, Sally, William (son by a former marriage). Executors: Joseph Arnold, Mary Rhodes. Witnesses: Henry Rhodes, Jacob Matthews, William G. Buckler. Ibid., 9-10.

Lawrence, David. Will dated Jan. 25, 1818; probated May 31, 1819. Heirs: wife, Sally, and children (names not given). Executor: wife. Witnesses: G. W. Tevault, William Hancock, James Lenn. Wished wife to remove to Tennessee as it would be more convenient to give children schooling. Ibid., 11-12.

Thomas, Westly. Will dated June 28, 1815; recorded Apr. 19, 1823. Heirs: wife, Sarah; daughters, Polly and Cloey Thomas, and an unborn child. Executors: Thomas Downs, David Cazebier, Sarah Thomas. Witnesses: Robert Simmons, Jonathan Chinoweth, Frederick Cazebier. Ibid., 79.

Penrod, John. Will dated Jan. 14, 1823; probated Mar. 12, 1823. Heirs: wife, Sarah; son-in-law, George Mease; children, Elijah, Sarah, Peely (?), Polly, Anny, Lydia, Jacob; other heirs, James Bell and wife Massa, Jonathan Penrod, Hannah Lout. Executor: Isaac Husband, of Pennsylvania, and in case of his death, Alexander Ogle. Witnesses: Thomas Fitzgerald, Aha Parker, Mary D. Tarlton. Ibid., 88-90. An earlier will, dated July 11, 1822, is recorded in ibid., 49.

Stone, Calvin. Will dated Aug. 13, 1823; probated Nov. 19, 1823. Heirs: wife, Polly; four sons (names not given); daughter, Sally. Executors: Polly Stone, Chester Elliott. Witnesses: R. S. Ellis, Rowland Ellis. Ibid., 92-93.

  • Thomas J. Dillingham is a resident of Boonville, Indiana.

Pasko, Alva.1 Will dated May 13, 1824; probated Aug. 5, 1824. Heirs: wife, Lucy; son, Otis Bramin. Executors: Chester Elliott, Lucy Pasko. Witnesses: Joseph Baldwin, Alfred Baldwin, Timothy Judd. Ibid., 93-94.

Hargrove, Hezekiah, Sr. Will dated Oct. 14, 1827; probated Oct. 19, 1827. Heirs: sons, Seth, Eldred G. C., Miles B., Hezekiah Harvey, James, John, William; other heirs, William Gray, Isham Kelley. Executors: sons, James, John, and William. Witnesses: Tubby Bloyd, William Day. Ibid., 123.

Karr, John. Will dated Aug. 27, 1827; probated Feb., 1846. Heirs: brothers-in-law, Solomon Vanada, William Briscoe. Executors: same as heirs. Witnesses: Joseph Arnold, Karr Briscoe. Owned land in Livingston County, Kentucky. Ibid., 124; Warrick County, Indiana, Will Records, I (1831-1859), 50.

Lawrence, John. Will dated Jan. 30, 1828; date of probate not given. Heirs: sisters, Susan Alexander, Rebecca Cox, and Mary Loy; brother, David; others, George and Evaline Merret, Elizabeth Loony. No executor named. Witnesses: M. Leeright, Stephen Merret. Warrick County, Indiana, Deed Records, 1827-1829, p. 125.

Smith, Harvey. Will dated Nov. 20, 1828; probated Jan. 5, 1829. Heirs: wife, Anner. Executors: wife and Alpha Frisbie. Witnesses: Thomas Day, Robert McClary, James E. Lowell. Ibid., 125.

Tevault, George W., of Ohio Twp. Will dated Jan. 11, 1829; probated Jan. 29, 1829. Heirs: daughter, Naomi Bullet; son, William G. H. Tevault. Executor: Moses P. Condict. Witnesses: James Phillips, Lyndon Hines, John Cox, Ross B. Duncan, Ira H. Bostwick. Ibid., 126.

Van Kirk, Richard and Rhoda. Joint will dated July 10, 1829. Date of probate not given. Heir: son, Joseph. Witnesses: Morgan and Fielden G. Glenn. Owned property in Daviess County, Kentucky. Ibid., 128.

Roberts, William H. Will dated Aug. 9, 1828; probated Mar. 6, 1831. Heirs: children, Leanna Young, William, Jane Clem, Elizabeth Miller, Solomon, Thomas; Anna Brant (relationship not given). Executors: William Roberts, Brittain Glenn. Witnesses: Samuel Horton, Nathaniel Woodruff. Warrick County, Indiana, Will Records, I, 1.

Adams, Joseph. Will dated Mar. 31, 1831; probated May 5, 1831. Heirs: wife, Nancy. Executor: wife. Witnesses: Thomas Hudspeth, Edward Baker, Jacob Harpole, Jacob Hargrove. Ibid., I, 2.

Bostwick, Ira. Will dated Aug. 10, 1831; probated Aug. 13, 1831. Heirs: wife, Calista. Executor: Olney Hines. Witnesses: B. W. Love. William H. Tevault, L. Bostwick. Ibid., I, 3.

Baldwin, Joseph. Will dated Jan. 11, 1832; probated Feb. 26, 1832. Heirs: wife, Sarah; children, Alanson, Alfred, Polly Fitzgerald, Eliza Smith, Mariah Graham, Lorinda Matthewson, Minerva Minor, Emeline Baldwin. Executor: wife. Witnesses: George Whitman, Joseph W. Camp. Ibid., I, 3.

Scott, James C. Will dated June 30, 1832; probated July 11, 1832.

  • 1 Pasko, Boonville's first physician, died August 2, 1824, age 37. The sale bill of his estate, including medical equipment and supplies, is recorded in Warrick County, Indiana, Record Book, IIa, in the Recorder's Office, Boonville, Indiana.
Heirs: wife, Anna; sons, James and Joseph. Executor: wife. Witnesses: David Hall, Tubby Bloyd, Ibid., I, 4.

Harned, Jonathan. Will dated Aug. 13, 1831; probated Oct. 17, 1831. Heirs: wife, Elizabeth. Executor: John A. Graham. Witnesses: John B. King, W. Barker, N. A. Hanks. Ibid., I, 5.

Gentry, Shelton. Will dated Oct. 30, 1833; probated Nov. 10, 1833. Heirs: wife, Sarah; children, Jesse, David, Nancy, Jane, Susannah, Polly, Elizabeth. Executors: John Phillips, Thomas Stephenson. Witnesses: George Gentry, Z. Skelton. Ibid., I, 6.

Drake, James. Will dated Mar. 30, 1834; probated Apr. 4, 1834. Heirs: father and mother, sister, Atis Drake, E. T. Coe. Executor: Elias T. Coe. Witnesses: Zabina Lovejoy, Edward Baker, James Arnold. Ibid., I, 7.

Hudson, Isaac. Will dated Feb. 14, 1834; probated June 25, 1834. Heirs: wife, Nancy; grandson, William McMurtry; children, Isaac, Daniel, Enoch, Sally Hinman, Matilda Patterson, Polly Hinman, Betsey Wilder. Executors: Isaac Hudson, James Hinman. Witnesses: J. A. Brackenridge, Mark Taylor. Ibid., I, 8.

Miller, Phillip Henry. Will dated Oct. 10, 1834; probated Nov. 8, 1834. Heirs: wife, Anna; sons, John, Benjamin H., Isaac, Hiram, William M.; Sally Sheets (relationship not given). Executors: William Luce, John G. Jukes. Witnesses: Larken Bristow, John G. Jukes. Property in Muhlenberg County, Kentucky. Ibid., I, 10-12.

Johnson, Jacob. Will dated July 31, 1833; probated Nov. 22, 1834. Heirs: wife, Fariby; children, Warren, Jeremiah, Albert L., Nancy, Kelley, Jacob, Minas, Zachariah, Polly. Executors: Jacob and Kelley Johnson. Witnesses: J. C. Graham, Abraham Hougland, J. A. Graham, James McCulla. Ibid., I, 13-15.

Frame, Daniel. Will dated Aug. 29, 1835; probated Sep. 17, 1835. Heirs: wife, name not given. Executor: Edward Baker. Witnesses: G. H. Roberts, Thomas J. Williams. Ibid., I, 16-17.

Frame, James H., of Ohio Township. Will dated Nov. 10, 1835; probated Dec. 7, 1835. Heirs: wife, Elizabeth; daughter, Martha Caroline Frame. Executors: John B. and William H. Frame. Witnesses: John B. and William H. Frame, Timothy Butler. Ibid., I, 18.

Hargrave, Seth. Will dated Apr. 24, 1836; probated May 28, 1836. Heirs: 3 children, names not given. To be buried in burying ground at Bakers near his wife's grave. Executors: Francis M. Ashley and William Gray. Witnesses: H. H. Hargrave, Polly C. Day. Ibid., I, 19.

Campbell, William. Will dated Jan. 30, 1837; probated May 6, 1837. Wife, Elizabeth; children, William Webb, William Hargrave, Cutbird Williams, Thomas Campbell; grandchildren, William C., Hugh, and Lettice Ward. Executors: William Webb and William Hargrave. Witnesses: J. A. Graham, James H. Condict. Ibid., I, 20.

Taylor, George, of Taylorsville (now Selvin). Will dated Aug. 25, 1837; probated Oct. 27, 1837. Heirs: wife, Edney, and 6 youngest children; older children married and have received their share. Names of children not given. Executor: wife, Witnesses: William Jones, of Jonesboro, Spencer County; Norman Roberts, Warrick County. Ibid., I, 21.

Bryant, William, of Ohio Township. Will dated Jan. 24, 1837; probated Feb. 20, 1838. Heirs: wife and children, names not given. Money owing to him from Horatio T. Bryant. Executor: William Perry. Witnesses: M. P. Condict, Moses Smith, James Foshee (?). Ibid., I, 22.

Condict, Philip L. Will dated Apr. 11, 1839; probated Apr. 27, 1839. Heirs: brother, E. B. L. Condict, sister, Emeline Igleheart and her 2 children, Moses C. and John D. Igleheart, nephew, Philip M. Condict, other brothers and sisters, names not given. Executor: Moses P. Condict. Witnesses: E. B. L. Condict, Christopher Lockyear. Ibid., I, 23, 50.

Ellis, Roland. Will dated Nov. 4, 1838; probated July 27, 1839. Heirs: wife; son, Roland S, Ellis; granddaughter, Malinda Ellis; daughters, Polly Stone, Abigail Elliott, Zelpha Fuquay. Executor: son, R. S. Ellis. Owned land in section 6, T 6 S, R 8 W. Witnesses: J. C. Graham, Elizabeth B. Smith, J. A. Graham. Ibid., I, 24-25.

Dorsey, —.2 Unwritten will dated July 16, 1839; probated July 23, 1839. Heirs: wife and children, names not given. Sworn to by John McCord and Austin Kelley. Ibid., I, 25.

Baker, John McCord. Will dated Sep. 15, 1839; probated Oct. 3, 1839. Heirs not named. Executors: Edward Baker and John D. Little-page, to dispose of estate as they see fit after debts are paid. Witnesses: Simon Lewis, Stephen Ravenscraft, J. A. Lamb. Ibid., I, 26.

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