Abstracts of Early Wills of Harrison County

Dorothy Riker


Indiana Magazine of History, Volume 37, Issue 2, pp 201-204

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Abstracts of Early Wills of Harrison County


Mauck, Jonathan, of Harrison Township. Will not dated; probated April 2, 1823. Heirs: children, David, John, Jonathan, Philip, Elizabeth, Polly. Executors: John Snider, Peter Amuck. Witnesses: Joseph Paddock, John Pitman Sr. (Harrison County Will Record A, 1809-32, 89–92).

Symler, Elizabeth. Will dated June 19, 1821; probated June 11, 1823. Heirs: children, Margaret Craig, Elizabeth Rice, Isaac Leiffler, Catharine Miller (wife of Peter Miller), John Symler. Executor: son, Isaac Leiffler. Witnesses: Benjamin Hurst, Elizabeth Rice (ibid., 93–94).

Williams, Ruth, of Boone Township. Will dated November 19, 1819; probated July 22, 1823. Heirs: daughters, Elizabeth (wife of Josiah Winters), Sarah (wife of Philip Hoon), Nancy (wife of James (?) Gilmore), Margaret (wife of Jonathan Albin), Ruth (wife of Francis Hamilton), Hannah (wife of Philip Albin), Elizanah (?) (wife of Solomon Baning (Banning?); sons, William and Ford. Executor: son Ford. Witnesses: James Maish (or Marsh), Sr., James Evans (ibid., 95–97).

Van devan der (Vandevender), Peter. Will dated May 4, 1820; probated May 4, 1824. Heirs: stepdaughters, Catharine Link Copp, Sarah Link Blume, Susanna Link McCoy, and the heirs of Polly Link Moran, deceased. Owned personal property in Pendleton County, Virginia. Executor: Frederick Blume. Witnesses: Tobias Briles, David Conrod (ibid., 98–99).

Stephens, Joseph, Sr., of Boone Township. Will dated September 22, 1823; probated July 22, 1824. Heirs: wife, Mary Stephens; brothers, Vincent and Daniel. Executor: wife and Adam Douglass. Witnesses: Benjamin Stephens, Jacob Johns (ibid., 100–1).

McAdams, Samuel, Sr. Will dated September 29, 1824; probated November 6, 1824. Heirs: wife, Jasmine McAdams; children, Daniel, John, Samuel, Mary (wife of Michael Summers), Alexander, Sarah, wife of Ignatius Thompson), William, daughter of son Stephen. Executors: son, John, and Isaac Funck. Witnesses: Andrew McKenne, Samuel Summers, Abraham Funck (ibid., 102–6).

Zenor, John. Will dated November 30, 1824; probated December 16, 1824. Heirs: wife, Elizabeth Zenor; children, names not given. Witnesses: George Marshall, Henson (or Henry) Johnson (ibid., 107–8).

Reed, John. of Bullitt County, Kentucky. Nuncupative will proved June 7, 1824. Administrators: Tilford and James Reed. Bond, $10,000. Property in Harrison County to be sold to pay his debts (ibid., 109–19).

Black, Robert. Nuncupative will proved by Fielding Cromwell and Thomas Rogers, January 26, 1825. Heirs: wife, Mary Black, and

  • 1 Continued from the March 1941 issue of Indiana Magazine of History. Compiled from microfilm copies of Harrison County, Indiana, Will Record A, 1809–32, made for the Historical Records Survey, Works Progress Administration, in 1936, and deposited in the Archives Division of the Indiana State Library.
children, names not given. Executor: Fielding Cromwell (ibid., 111–12).

Snodgrass, Robert, Sr. Will dated December 29, 1825; probated March 14, 1826. Heirs: wife, Dorothy; children, Charles, Easter Smith, Alexandria, Agnes Miller, Elizabeth Snodgrass, Robert, William, James. Executors: wife and son, Alexandria. Witnesses: John Kay and Isaac Cooper (ibid., 113–15).

Brinley, John, of Posey Township. Will dated November 12, 1824; probated September 22, 1826. Heirs: wife, Elizabeth Brinley; children, Levi, Joseph, Hiram, Mary, John, Elizabeth, Levina, George; Catharine Makinny (relationship not given). Executors: wife and John H. Fix. Witnesses: Thomas Baird, Jacob Lutz, Tobias Kingery (ibid., 116–18).

Windel, Augustin. Will dated December 30, 1825; probated February 25, 1826. Heirs: wife, Barbara Windel, and eight children, names not given. Owned land in Shenandoah County, Virginia. Executor: Henry Keller. Witnesses: Gillam Harris, Abraham Rhode (ibid., 119–122).

Lutz, Jacob. Will dated March 6, 1827; probated May 14, 1827. Heirs: wife, Mary Magdalene Lutz; children, Margaret, David, Jacob. Describes dwelling house that he wishes built for his family. Executor: Adam Glaze. Witnesses: James McKewen (or McCowan), Joseph Brinley (ibid., 123–25).

Smith, George. Will not dated; probated September 22, 1827. Heirs: children, John L., Charles, Lucy, George, Russel (?), and Henry. Executor: James Holliday. Witnesses: Harrison Stapleton, Catharine Madden, Ann Stapleton, Jesse C. Marsh (ibid., 126).

Stoner, Jacob. Will dated July 3, 1827; probated September 3, 1827. Heirs: wife, Mary Stoner; daughters, Susannah, Sarah, Ann, Lydia, Mary, Mercy, Eleanor, Ruth, Elizabeth. Executors: wife and Daniel Slaymaker. Witnesses: John Stewart, Joseph Applegate, Thomas Baird (ibid., 127–29).

Byrn, Thomas. Will dated April 29, 1827; probated August 25, 1827. Heirs: wife, Catherine Byrn; sons, Solomon, David, Jesse, John; daughters, Susannah, Sally, Nancy, Mary, Catherine. Executor: wife, Catherine Byrn. Witnesses: Gillam Harris, Joseph Denbo, John Cunningham (ibid., 130–31).

Smith, Stephen, of Sangamon County, Illinois. Will dated April 8, 1822; probated May 9, 1825 [1828?]. Heirs: wife, Nancy Smith; children, Charles, Henry, James, Elizabeth, Peggy. Executors: sons, Charles and Henry. Witnesses: John Smith, Jesse Bivus (ibid., 132–33).

Vanarsdel, Simon. Nuncupative will of May 5, 1828; proved by John Vanarsdel, Alexander McRea, and Robert Hutson on May 16, 1828. Heirs: wife, Nancy Vanarsdel, and children, names not given. (ibid., 134–35).

Hurst, John, Sr. Will dated February 24, 1813 (or 1815); probated September 13, 1828. Heirs: wife, Mary Hurst; children, Elijah, Abraham, Beverly, Mary, John, William, Henry, Hannah, Nancy, Leah, Elizabeth. Executors, son, Elijah, and Jesse Lindsey. Witnesses: Samuel and Sarah Bell Nancy Morgan, John McMakel (ibid., 135–38).

Paither, Westley. Will dated July 3, 1828; probated November 4, 1828. Heirs: wife, Ellender Paither; (children) Elizabeth, Mary, Ellender Roenneyeads (probably married daughter). Executors: Boon Ellige and wife. Witnesses: Ignatius Abel, Henry Grass, Eli Paither (ibid., 138–40).

Ash, Reuben. Will dated Agust 17, 1826; probated November 29, 1828. Heirs: children, John, Joseph, Polly Levering, Robert, Sarah Levering, George, Rebecca Shrake (?), Betsey Hardon, Isaac, Nancy (married name illegible). Executor: Christian Levering. Witnesses: Henry Veach, Libbius Frisbe (ibid., 140–41).

Sharp, William. Will dated August 6, 1828; proved December 6, 1828. Heirs: wife, Ruth Sharp; children, Rachel Sinclair, Horatio, Abigal (?) McCullum, Robert, Benjamin, Hester, Laura, Chelmelsa, William D. M. Executor: wife, Ruth Sharp. Witnesses: Seth M. Levenworth, John Cale, Peter Frakes, James Vanwinkle (ibid., 142–44).

Franck, John. Will dated July 28, 1827; probated December 17, 1828. Heirs: wife, Barbara Franck; children, Susannah, Jacob, Catherine (married name illegible), Mary Magdalene Wright, David, Sarah, Jonas, Elizabeth, John, Barbara. Executor: son, Jonas, son-in-law, Reuben Wright. Witnesses: Henry P. Faith, Ephraim Windle, Henry Faith (ibid., 145–49).

Brown, Robert. Will dated August 8, 1828; probated January 17, 1829. Heirs: wife, Eleanor Brown; children, names not given except for son Goldsmith. Executor: wife. Witnesses: Joseph Armstrong, William Brown, Mason Lunsford (ibid., 150–52).

Booker, George. Will dated March 4, 1829; probated April 20, 1829. Heirs: wife, Nancy Booker, and children, names not given. No executor named. Witnesses: I. (or J.) Hill, Levi Long, Robert Watson (ibid., 152–53).

Harbison, John.2 Will dated January 24, 1829; probated May 4, 1829. Heirs: wife, Nancy Harbison; children, Jonathan, James, Sally Sage, Rachel Gwynne, Elizabeth, Jane; sister, Ann Porter Shaw, given negro woman. Executors: wife and son, Jonathan. Witnesses; Benjamin Hurst, Edward Davis (ibid., 154–56).

Miller, James. Will dated May 2, 1829; probated May 21, 1829. Heirs: wife, Lagar (or Layar) Miller; children, John, James, Joseph, Sarah, Elizabeth, Mary Ann Minter, Jacob, Jonathan. No executor named. Witnesses: James Reed, John Reeves, James Calvin (ibid., 157–60.).

Wright, Eli. Will dated May 2, 1829; probated May 22, 1829. Heirs: wife, Susannah C. Wright; children, Catharine, Susannah, John, Samuel, Phebe, Rachel. Executors: Jonathan P. Wright and Samuel Gilmore. Witnesses: Samuel Reaugh, Isaac Leffler, John Bruce (or Bence?) (ibid., 160–63).

Armstrong, James. Will dated September 1, 1827; proved January Term, 1830; recorded January 23, 1830. Heirs: daughters, Margaret (wife of Joseph Wilson), Elizabeth (wife of John Wilson), Sarah (wife of James Long); Elizabeth Fields (relationship not given). Executors: Henry Turner and Joseph Wilson. Witnesses: Henry Turner, Jonah Cooper, Abraham Detrick (ibid., 164–68).

  • 2 John Harbison served as a member of the Legislative Council of Indiana Territory, 1810–15.

Evans, William. Will dated February 23, 1827; probated March 12, 1829. Heirs: wife, Katharine Evans; son, Isaac. Executor: son, Isaac. Witnesses: John Gwin, Thomas Butler, David Morgan (ibid., 169–70).

Sellers, Daniel B. Will dated October 3 (or 31), 1829; probated March 1, 1830. Heirs: children of sister Betsey, James, Deliah (Delilah) Jane, and Robert W. Meek; father, James Sellers. Witnesses: David Gunn, Absolam A. Sellers, Delilah Davis. (ibid., 171).

Lunsford, William. Will dated February 19, 1830; probated May 3, 1830. Heirs: wife, Lucy Lunsford; children, (first name illegible), George Lewis, James Harvey, Harrison L., and child yet unborn. Witnesses: Reason Lunsford and George Bentley (ibid., 172).

Wright, Joseph. Will dated August 9, 1830; probated October 7, 1830. Heirs: wife, Catharine Wright; children, Nancy, Samuel, Sandy, Joseph, and two others not named. Executor: Samuel Gilmore. Witnesses: Samuel Reaugh, John B. McRae, Samuel Pfrimmer (ibid., 173–74).

McGinnis, John. Will dated September 6, 1830; probated November 4, 1830. Heirs: wife, Jane McGinnis, and children, names not given. Executors: Jacob Ferree and Nathan Wilson. Witnesses: James Brown and Joseph Armstrong (ibid., 175–76).

Detrick, Peter. Will dated May 10, 1830; probated May 21, 1832. Heirs: wife, Margaret Detrick; children, Philip, Peter, Abram, John (?), Elizabeth (wife of George Crom), Susannah (wife of Henry Heastend), Jacob, Margaret (wife of Reuben Duggins), Henry, Sarah (wife of Henry Turner), and Frederick. Executor: Henry Turner. Witnesses: Sylvester Meek, James Rogers, Joseph Wilson (ibid., 177–78).

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