Abstracts of Early Wills and Executors' Records

Dorothy Riker


Indiana Magazine of History, Volume 36, Issue 2, pp 175-181

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Abstracts of Early Wills and Executors' Records*


  • Boyer, Philip, of Bethlehem. Will dated September 28, 1821; probated November 12, 1821. Heirs: wife, Barbara Boyer; children, Jacob, Betsey, Caty, Anna, Andy, John, Peggy, Henry; three children of Christian Boyer [relationship not indicated], Augustus, Harriett, William; father and mother, Christopher and Mary Ann Boyer; brother, Michael Boyer. Executors: Robert B. Henry, William G. Armstrong, Captain William Kelley. Witnesses: William Robinson, Hector G. Taylor (Clark County Will Record B, 1817-33, 186-88, 190).
  • McNew, Jeremiah. Will dated November 9, 1821; probated November 16, 1821. Heirs: wife, Nancy McNew; children, Priscilla, Leer (?), John, Betsy, Willis, Allen, Polly. Executor: William Hamilton. Witnesses: John T. West, Joseph Bowman. Appraisement of personal property and bill of sale (ibid., 188-90, 206-7).
  • Reed, John. Will dated April 1, 1821; probated June 30, 1821. Heirs: wife, Mary Reed; children, Nelly, George, Rebecca. No executor named. Witnesses: Charles Ross, Edward Boicourt (ibid., 196).
  • Stacey, George. Appraisement of personal property and bill of sale, November 24 and 27, 1821. No appointment of administrator found (ibid., 197-99).
  • Henderson, Alexander S. Will dated September 9, 1821; probated January 10, 1822. Heir: wife, Polly Henderson. Mentions property in Georgetown, Kentucky, belonging half to him and half to brother, Samuel Henderson. Executors: wife and Samuel McCampbell. Witnesses: Littleton B. Houston, Robert Tilford, John G. Henderson. Appraisement of personal property made by John M. Lemon and James Weir (ibid., 199-202, 261-63).
  • Robinson, Charles. Will dated October —, 1821; probated February 1, 1822. Heirs: wife, Nancy Robinson; children, Elick, James, Reuben, David, William, Franky Burns, Sally, Liza, Martilla [?], and Peggy Robinson. Executors: wife, son Elick, John T. Littell. Witnesses: John Burge, James Elder, George Philips. Appraisement of personal property (ibid., 208-11).
  • Richards, Samuel. Administrator, widow Elizabeth Richards, appointed March 1, 1822. Bond, $600. Securities: John Owens, Sr., and Jacob L. Stilwell. Appraisement of personal property and bill of sale, April 3 and 19, 1822 (ibid., 211, 239-41).
  • Ferguson, William. Administrator, widow Margaretta Ferguson, appointed April 9, 1822. Bond, $200. Securities: John and James McKinley, James Ferguson. Appraisement of personal property made May 9, 1823 by Thomas Dorsey and John Burge (ibid., 224, 260-61).
  • Coombs, William. Will dated December 13, 1821; probated April 12, 1822. Heirs: wife, Rachel Coombs; children, Joseph, Bazel, Sally, Jesse, John, Thomas, two others whose names were illegible. Executors:

    • Continued from the Marsh 1940, issue of Indiana Magazine of History. Compiled from microfilm copies of Clark Count, Indiana, Will Record B, 1817-1833. made for the Historical Records Survey. Wog ks Progress Administration. in 1936. and deposited in the Archives Division of the Indiana State Library.
    wife, John Bowell and John Coombs, my brothers. Witnesses: James (or Joseph) Lingan, Absalom Carr, Jesse Coombs (ibid., 224-26).
  • Boyer, John. Administrator, Jacob Overman, appointed May 14, 1822. Bond, $160. Securities: James Weir, Alexander Stewart, Andrew P. Hay (ibid., 226).
  • Howe, Humphrey, a man of color. Administrator, Henry Bottorff, appointed June 1, 1822. Bond, $400. Securities: Eli Robertson, Alexander Young. On June 22, 1822, Simon Verry and Isaac Crosby made a sworn statement that on the night preceding his death on May 9, Howe verbally made known his will as follows: all his property to be equally divided among his children, Winney [?], Polly, Leander, and William (ibid., 226-28).
  • Gresmore, Jacob. Administrators, widow Sarah. Gresmore and Charles Beggs, appointed July 1, 1822. Bond, $2000. Securities: John Gresmore, Abraham Epler (ibid., 228).
  • Lawrance [or Lawrence?], William. Will dated July 9, 1822; pro-bated July 15, 1822. Heirs: daughters Polly Bower and Peggy Lawrance; rest of children [not named] have received their full share. Executors: John Lawrance, Thomas Needham. Witnesses: John Reese, Elizabeth Bower, Alexander Walker (ibid., 299-30).
  • Spangler, David. Will dated June 26, 1822; probated July 24, 1822. Heirs: wife, Elizabeth; ten children, William, Simon, Polly, Alfred, Elizabeth, Neil Lucinda, Ann Hag [?], Lewis Shipman, Sally, and James. Executors: oldest children, William and Simon. Witnesses: John Miller, Cornelius Ruddell (ibid., 231-33).
  • Williams, Charles B. Administrator, James Ridge, appointed August 14, 1822. Bond, $50. Securities: Reuben W. Nelson, James Currey (ibid., 233).
  • Parks, Mathew. Will dated July 29, 1822; probated August 12, 1822. Heirs: sister Isabel; John Perry; Mathew Parks, Jr.; Jane Brewer, daughter of Benjamin Brewer; heirs of brother Joseph Parks, namely, Mathew, Stephen, John, Prisse [?], Andrew, Samuel, Willis; heirs of brother John Parks, namely, Elizabeth and Lewie [?]; John Parks, son, and Peggy Parks, widow of brother Andrew Parks. No executor named. Witnesses: John Carr, Bazel Bowel. Joseph Parks appointed administrator (ibid., 234-36).
  • Hedinger, Jacob. Will dated July 19, 1822; probated August 14, 1822. Heirs: brothers and sisters, Michael, Katherine Shelhummer, Barbery Fight. Executor: Andrew Bowers, Sr. Witnesses: Daniel Cornelious, Sophia Bower, Alexander Walker (ibid., 236-37).
  • Gillespie, William. Nuncupative will dated June 11, 1822; probated August 20, 1822. Heirs: children, Sarah, William, Gaun, Thomas, and Margaret. Executors: James Gillespie, James Gray. Will proved by Gaun Gillespie, Jr. and Sr. (ibid., 238-39).
  • Stacy, Catherine (widow of Peter Stacy). Will dated August 31, 1822; probated September 12, 1822. Heirs: daughters, Louisa Ann Stacy, Nancy Holmes, Sally Hawn, Patsy Gresmore; sons, Henry and James. Owned land in Illinois Grant. Executor: Dr. J. W. Redman. Witnesses: J. W. Redman, Meshack Richardson (ibid., 243-44).
  • Roberts, James. Will dated August 27, 1822; probated September 14, 1822. Heirs: wife, Susanna Roberts; children, Mary McMaikin, Nancy Rodgers, Katherine Henderson, James Roberts, Jr. Executors: John and Thomas Rodgers. Witnesses: Samuel Plasket, James R. Rodgers (ibid., 245-46).
  • Garnes [or Garner ?], Joseph. Administrator, widow Polly Garnes, appointed August 28, 1822. Bond $1000. Securities: Jacob Teeple, Robert Robertson (ibid., 246-47).
  • Rice, John. Administrator, Davis Shockley, appointed October 2, 1822. Bond, $300. Securities: John Boyer, John Carr (ibid., 247).
  • Vernon, Alban. Administrator, Ann Vernon, appointed October 2, 1822. Bond, $3000. Securities: James McCartey, Thomas I. Todd (ibid., 247-48).
  • Alihands, John, Jr. Administrator, father John Allhands, appointed November 16, 1822. Bond, $800. Securities: James Currey, John Boyer. Inventory of personal property and bill of sale. Ibid., 248, 292-94.
  • Thomas, Evan [of Utica]. Will dated September 28, 1822; probated November 9, 1822. Heirs: father and mother, Evan and Sarah Thomas. Executor: John Miller. Witnesses: William Clark, Matthias Wirts [?], Jonathan Clark (ibid., 248-49).
  • Calloway, Samuel. Died November 1, 1822. Nuncupative will, probated November 23, 1822. Heirs: wife, Jane Calloway; children, Samuel, Benjamin, Peter, Thomas, Charity Collier [?], Rachel Owens, Mary and Betsey Calloway. Witnesses: George Shake, Levi Johnson. Administrator, Matthias Vigal, appointed November 25. 1822 (ibid., 240-51).
  • Shelby, Evan. Administrator, widow Margaret Shelby, appointed December 10, 1822. Bond, $3000. Securities: James Currey, William H. Moore (ibid., 251).
  • Clark, William. Administrator, widow Elizabeth Clark, appointed December 18, 1822. Bond, $6000. Securities: Bazel R. Prather, Jacob Gulick, William Clark (ibid., 252).
  • Shaffer, John Christian. Administrator, widow Christine Shaffer, appointed December 18, 1822. Bond, $2800. Securities: Jacob Gulick, William Clark (ibid., 252).
  • Carr, Thomas. [Date of will and date of probate missing.] Heirs: wife, Hannah Carr; children, Absalom, Betsy Bowel, Nancy Parr, John, Joseph, Hannah, Thomas, Rachel, Jefferson, Rebecca, Elisha. [Executor and witnesses missing] (ibid., 252-54).
  • Graves, Daniel. Administrator, widow Sophia Graves, appointed February 18, 1823. Bond, $200. Securities: David Coombs, Samuel [illeg.]. Inventory of personal property (ibid., 257, 287-88).
  • Cole, Thomas. Will dated November 13, 1822; probated March 17, 1823. Heirs: brother, Christopher Cole. Owned land in Jefferson County, Ohio, that formerly belonged to his father, Thomas Cole. Executor: Christopher Cole. Witnesses: John Lee, Philip Jolley (ibid., 257-58).
  • Kinkead, Joseph. Administrators, widow Sarah Kinkead and William Russell, appointed March 20, 1823. Bond, $600. Securities: James Sharp, Charles Beggs (ibid., 258-59).
  • Tyler, Oswell. Administrator, Absalom Elliott, appointed March 27, 1823. Bond, $200. Securities: Henry Stonecypher, William Garner (?). Appraisement of personal property and bill of sale (ibid., 259, 289-91).
  • Sullivan, Daniel. Administrator, John Dunkin, appointed May 10, 1823. Bond, $80. Securities: Charles Beggs, Isaac Shelby (ibid., 259).
  • Manley, John. Administrator, Micajah Peyton, appointed July 28, 1823. Bond, $600. Securities: John Pitcher, John McKinley (ibid., 261).
  • Lewis, John. Administrator, widow Patsey Lewis, appointed August 6, 1823. Bond, $200. Securities: James Davis, Jacob I. Robinson (ibid., 263).
  • Mitchell, John. Administrators, Thomas Mitchell and William Oard, appointed August 6, 1823. Bond, $250. Securities: William Mitchell, Augustus Oard. Appraisement of personal property (ibid., 264, 278-80).
  • Bradford, George. Administrator, widow Rosanna Bradford, appointed August 20, 1823. Bond, $300. Securities: William McMillin, John M. Lemon (ibid., 264).
  • Weir, James. Administrators, widow Wincay [?] Weir, Andrew P. Hay, and Jonathan Jennings, appointed August 21, 1823. Bond $1200. Securities: Stephen Henley, James Sharp, John Douthitt (ibid., 266).
  • Thorn, William W. Will dated December 17, 1822; probated July 9, 1823. Heirs: wife, Charlotte Thorn; children [not named]. Had property in Madison, Indiana. Witnesses: Jacob Anderson, George All-hands. Executrix: Charlotte Thorn (ibid., 265-66, 268-69).
  • Neeld, William. Will dated July 30, 1823; probated August 2, 1823. Heirs: wife, Jemina Neeld; children, William, Warren, Larkin, Elias, Green, Sally Redman, Polly Littell, Elizabeth, Jane. No executor named. Witnesses: James Black, Absalom Littell (ibid., 267-68).
  • Henthorn, William. Will dated August 25, 1823; probated September 2, 1823. Heirs: children, Robert, Abraham, John, David, Mary Smith, Margaret Jackson, Ann Watson; Robert Jackson [son-in-law ?]; heirs of deceased son William; Joseph Stockwell [relationship not indicated]. Executor: son, Robert Henthorn. Witnesses: Peter Amick, William Hill, William Nicholson. Had land in Illinois Grant (ibid., 268-69).
  • McAfee, Matthew. Administrator, John Huckleberry, appointed September 9, 1823. Bond, $200. Securities: George Huckleberry, John Douthitt (ibid., 269).
  • Huckleberry, John. Will dated September 17, 1823; probated September 27, 1823. Heirs: wife, Elizabeth Huckleberry; children, Edmund, David, Levina Copple, Christina L. Huckleberry. Witnesses: Stephen Henley, Henry Huckleberry, John A. Athon. No executor named. Widow, Elizabeth Huckleberry, and Martin Huckleberry appointed administrators (ibid., 270-71).
  • Willey, Almond. Administrator, Barzillai Willey, appointed September 27, 1823. Bond, $2800. Securities: Charles Ross, Martin Huckleberry (ibid., 273).
  • Combs, Joseph. Will dated August 21, 1823; probated October 20, 1823. Heirs: wife, Sarah Combs; son, William. Executors: John Bowell [or Powell ?], Thomas Mitchell. Witnesses: Mitchell Lee, John Mitchell (ibid., 274-75).
  • Warnock, Michael. Will dated August 22, 1823; probated October 22, 1823. Heirs: wife [name not given]; children, John, James, Betsy, Sarah; Joseph Warnock [son or nephew ?]. No executor named. Witnesses: Morgan Huff, James Garner, Joseph Craig (ibid., 275).
  • Beadle, William H. Administrators, John Garner and Martin Geiger, appointed October 29, 1823. Bond, $800. Securities: Eli Sharp, John Carr (ibid., 275).
  • Prather, Bazil R. Administrator, widow, Rachel Prather, appointed December 3, 1823. Bond, $2000. Securities: John Prather, Isaac Hole-man (ibid., 276).
  • Peirce, Reuben. Administrators, James Morrison and John B. Pittman, appointed December 24, 1823. Bond, $1000. Securities: John S. Simonson, Thomas I. Todd (ibid., 277-78).
  • McCarley, James. Will dated December 13, 1823; probated January 7, 1824. Heirs: wife, Jane McCarley; daughter, Margaret Elizabeth [a minor]. Executor: wife and John Douthitt. Witnesses: John Stealey, James Scott, William M. Steele, Ann Vernon. Appraisement of personal property by Alevicious [?] F. Greene, Alexander Mars, Samuel McCampbell, January 13, 1824. Owned stock in tan yard (ibid., 280-82, 285-87, 288-89).
  • Washbourn, Asy. Appraisement bf personal property by James Sharp and John Garner, January 27, 1823. Bill of sale, February 15, 1823. No appointment of administrator found (ibid., 283-84).
  • Fifer, Christopher. Will dated February 14, 1824; probated April 10, 1824. Heirs:. wife, Catherine Fifer; daughter, Mary Hutchins; grandchildren, George, Malinda, and Nancy Hutchins, together with all children of daughter Mary Hutchins; David Drummond [relation-ship not indicated]. Executors: wife and John Coble. Witnesses: John Blackburn, James Gillespie (ibid., 295-96).
  • Smith, Peter [of Charlestown]. Will dated December 22, 1823; probated April 14, 1824. Wife, Rachel Smith; heirs of deceased son, William Smith; daughters, Nancy Winchester, Elizabeth Lines [or Linn ?]. Executors: Joseph Bartholomew, John Douthitt. They refused to serve and Peter and John C. Smith appointed administrators. Witnesses: Littleton Howard, John Cravens (ibid., 297-98).
  • Downs, Thomas. Will dated April 19, 1813; probated June 21, 1824. Heirs: wife, Priscilla Downs; children, James, Eliza. Executor, son James. Witnesses: John Stewart, Joseph Biggs,— Huff (ibid., 299-300).
  • Fulton, Henry [of Jeffersonville]. Will dated July 28, 1823; probated June 24, 1824. Heirs: wife, Isabella Fulton [living in Pittsburgh]; daughter, Jane A. Craig, wife of Neville B. Craig of Pittsburgh; sons, Robert Galt and Jefferson Wilson Fulton; nieces, Alice Lindsey Hamilton, Jane Wilson Reynolds; nephew, John Wilson; sister, Jane Thompson, living in Ireland. Executors: wife, daughter, son-in-law Neville B. Craig, son Robert Galt. Witnesses: Reuben W. Nelson, Abraham Wilkinson, William Howe (ibid., 301-4, 318-19).
  • Hall, James. Administrator, James Fisler, appointed June 22, 1824. Bond, $100. Securities: John Miller, Martin Huckleberry (ibid., 304-5).
  • Swartz, John. Administrators, Elizabeth and Jacob Swartz, appointed June 28, 1824. Bond, $3000. Securities: Samuel Bottorff, Soloman Jacobs (ibid., 305).
  • Applegate, Samuel. Will dated January 3, 1820; probated July 17, 1824. Heirs: sons, Hezekiah, Samuel, Thomas; seven daughters, Sara, Rachel, Rebecca, Elizabeth, and three others not named; two children of deceased daughter, Alice Harmon; granddaughter, Nancy McDonald. Executors: eldest son, Hezekiah, youngest son, Thomas. Witnesses: John Norris, John Gibson, Hugh Gibson (ibid., 305-7).
  • Green, Amos. Administrator, widow Minty Green, appointed August 14, 1824. Bond, $1500. Securities: Robert Jackson, William Brenton (ibid., 308).
  • Garner, James, Sr. Administrators, son John Garner and John H. Thompson, appointed September 4, 1824. Bond, $2000. Securities: William Rowland, James Garner, Jr., Shiveral Garner (ibid., 308).
  • Allen, William. Will dated October 10, 1824; probated October 30, 1824. Heirs: wife, Rebecca Allen; son John; other children not named. Executor: Willis W. Goodwin. Witnesses: John McClintick, Charles Springer, William McClintick. Another son, Willis, mentioned in codicil (ibid., 309-10).
  • Buck, Stephen. Administrator, widow Abigail Buck, appointed November 17, 1824. Bond, $1000. Securities: George W. Garetson, Daniel Williams (ibid., 311)
  • Borden, John. Administrator, widow Lydia Borden, appointed November 24, 1824. Bond, $6000. Securities: Henry Dow, Benoniwell Shaw, Samuel Mailer [?]. Appraisement of personal property (ibid., 311, 326).
  • Fulton, Robert G. Administrator, Jefferson W. Fulton, appointed December 3, 1824. Bond, $6000 [?]. Securities: John Fischle, Jr., Aaron M. Goldsmith (ibid., 311).
  • Hester, Mathias. Will dated November 25, 1824 [?]; probated November 5, 1825. Heirs: wife, Susanna Hester; children, David, Maria, Elizabeth, George K. Executors: Charles Mathews, George K. Hester. Witnesses: James Scott, Ephraim T. Osmond, Charles Spangler (ibid., 312-15).
  • Robertson, Sarah. Administrator, William Robertson, appointed January 8, 1825. Bond, $800. Securities: David Patterson, Alexander Young (ibid., 315).
  • Stutesman, Mary. Administrator, Samuel Stutesman, appointed February 19, 1825. Securities: William Pangborn [?], John Covert (ibid., 316).
  • Gibson, John. Will dated February 8, 1822; probated February 24 and March 3, 1825. Heirs: wife, Mary Gibson; sons, Joseph, John, James, Hugh, and Elezer; daughters, Mary, Esther, Ellcy. Executor, son Joseph. Witnesses: James Weir, Evan Barrickman (ibid., 316-17).
  • Gilmore, William. Administrators, Thomas Wilson and Christopher Peacely, appointed March 21, 1825. No bond given. Securities: Jefferson Fulton, E. S. Harrell (ibid., 319).
  • McDonald, Peter. Will dated February 14, 1825; probated April 5, 1825. Heirs: wife, Catherine McDonald; children, David, Daniel, Sarah Mitchell, Catherine Ditze, Rachel Long, John, Molly; children of deceased daughter, Elizabeth Price; James and Peter McDonald [relationship not indicated]. Executors: Andrew Mitchell, David Mc-Donald. Witnesses: B. Ferguson, Jacob Huckleberry, Daniel Huckleberry (ibid., 320-21).
  • Littell, Absalom. Will dated October 21, 1821; probated [no date]. Heirs: wife, Mary Littell; sons, Amos, Abraham, Absalom, John Thompson, Josiah T.; daughters, Anna and Margaret; son-in-law William Pettyjohn for use of grandson, Amos Pettyjohn, Executors: Absalom and Josiah Littell. Witnesses: Absalom Littell, Jr., and Moses W. Sellers, son-in-law (ibid., 322-23).
  • Vanlear, Matthias. Will probated in Washington County, Maryland, July 26, 1823. Executors: wife, Mary Vanlear, John Vanlear, Jr., Matthias Vanlear. Copy sent to Clark County, Indiana. Text not given (ibid., 324-25).
  • Dudman, Thomas. Administrators, William Bullock and Absalom Wood, appointed June 14, 1825. Bond, $500. Security, John B. Pitt-man (ibid., 325).
  • Gibson, Joseph. Administrators, Rachel and John Gibson, appointed July 5, 1825. Bond, $1200. Securities: Martin Huckleberry, Andrew P. Hay (ibid., 326).

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