Title Reviewed:
A History of Minnesota

Author Reviewed:
William Watts Folwell

Robert Claude Kennedy


Indiana Magazine of History, Volume 23, Issue 1, pp 109-110

Article Type:
Book Review

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A History of Minnesota. By WILLIAM WATTS FOLWELL. Published by the Minnesota Historical Society, 1926, p. 605. In Four Volumes, Volume III.

Doctor Folwell was formerly president of the State University of Minnesota, retiring in 1907. In this volume are fifteen chapters and nineteen appendices, covering the period from 1865 to the present. The first chapter deals with Reconstruction after the Civil War. Minnesota had lost some of her best men and more were needed to develop her vast resources. Immigrants from the Scandinavian countries were invited to come to Minnesota. The next four chapters are a discussion of the railroad problems, the political development and economic difficulties, the latter due to the grasshopper invasions. In chapters six to fifteen, inclusive, the author has attempted to solve the recent problems of the state by doing as most all other historians have done; that is, by a discussion of the regime of different governors. Any one especially interested in Minnesota history will read them carefully.

The appendices are interesting and instructive. In these the author has endeavored to explain in detail some of the more important episodes in the later development of the state. Appendix fourteen, The Pine Timber Investigation, gives the reader an insight into the peculiar manner by which the timber companies acquired title to Minnesota State lands. Large areas were stripped of timber and the land left covered with stumps. There is a bibliography connected with each of the appendices.


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