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Annual Report of the Indiana Reformatory at Jeffersonville for the Year Ending September 15, 1915

Author Reviewed:
David C. Peyton

[Author Unknown]


Indiana Magazine of History, Volume 13, Issue 2, pp 195-197

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Book Review

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Annual Report of the Indiana Reformatory at Jeffersonville for the Year Ending September 15, 1915. By Dr. DAVID C. PEYTON, General Superintendent. Printed on the Reformatory Press, pp. 57.

THE Reformatory, under the direction of Dr. Peyton, has become an institution for the study of crime and the reform of criminals. Besides Dr. Peyton, such specialists as R. B. von Klein Smid, F. C. Paschal, and M. L. Beanblossom have been employed to make a scientific study of the inmates from a psychological and pathological standpoint. The superintendent has instituted farm work, military drill, a school systern, a library and vocational work of all kinds. There were committed during the year 623 prisoners; total number of inmates September 30,1915, was 1,275. Tables are given showing nativity of prisoners, counties sent from, use of liquor and tobacco, character of crime and a great many other interesting facts. Besides the formal Annual Report there have been issued from the Reformatory Press a number of pamphlets of a scientific character setting forth the methods of study and conclusions reached in the research work.

Psychopathology and Crime, an address delivered by Dr. David C. Peyton at the meeting of the American Prison Association at Oakland, California, October 9, 1915. Several interesting cases of criminality in this State are described in this address.

Principles of Prison Reform, a paper read by Dr. David C. Peyton before the Economics Club of Indianapolis, December 8, 1915.

The Differential Diagnosis of Crime, an address by Dr. David C. Peyton before the American Prison Association at Baltimore November 13, 1912.

Material of Clinical Research in the Field of Criminology, a paper read to the American Prison Association at St. Paul, October, 1914.

An Address, by Dr. David C. Peyton on the occasion of the announcement of the Installation of a Psychological Laboratory for the Scientific Study of Criminals, Jeffersonville, 1912.

Crime as an Expression of Feeble-Mindedness, an address by Dr. D. C. Peyton to the Indiana State Medical Association at West Baden, September 25, 1913.

Mental Examination of Two Thousand Delinquent Boys and Young Men, by M. L. Beanblossom, 1916, gives the results of three and one-half years study in the Reformatory along the lines indicated, (pp. 23.)

Second Report, Department of Research, by Franklin G. Paschal, Director of Research, gives the results of the research work from August, 1912, to August, 1916. A series of tables exhibit the facts learned from the history of the prisoners and ascertained from the clinical investigations.

These pamphlets indicate the important work going on in this line at the Reformatory. At least all school, church, police, and court officials should read them.

Published by theĀ Indiana University Department of History.