After Ten Years

James H. Madison


Indiana Magazine of History, Volume 82, Issue 3, pp 277-277

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Editorial Material

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After Ten Years

Since assuming the position of editor in the autumn of 1976, I have resisted the temptation to use these pages to communicate directly with readers of the Indiana Magazine of History. Departing from usual practice once in ten years will not be considered excessive, I hope.

I am convinced that the general policies and contents of the IMH should never change radically from the goals set forth by George S. Cottman, the first editor, and carried down through his successors to my distinguished predecessor, Donald F. Carmony. All of us have tried to hold to the highest standards of scholarship and to produce a magazine that is of general interest to a varied readership. In that endeavor I have benefited especially from the hard work and counsel of several dozen historians who have served as members of the Editorial Advisory Committee, from cooperative authors of articles and book reviews, and from the commitment and talent of Associate Editor Lorna Lutes Sylvester and several graduate student assistants. Only readers of the IMH can judge the degree of success in meeting our goals.

The passage of a decade seems an appropriate time, therefore, to ask readers for suggestions and advice about the IMH. What should we do differently? What are we doing especially well that we should continue? Ten years is not too soon to worry about editorial senility. I will depend on the response of readers to keep me from this dreaded blue-pencil-wielder's disease as I begin my second decade.

James H. Madison

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