Methods and Approaches in Research on the Changing Gender System in the North and Northwestern Regions of the Russian Federation

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Natalia Pushkareva


The paper is devoted to the assessment of regional transformations of the gender system in the Russian Federation, particularly, in the northwestern part of the country. Operating with the notions of traditional and modern (in the process of modernization) gender contracts, the author analyzes the experience of the Nordic (Scandinavian) countries and speculates on its applicability in Russia, or at least in the northwestern part of the Russian Federation. She provides examples, describes methods and approaches applied in the studies of the gender system, and draws attention to her personal observations concerning the challenges of gender-programs implementation in the Russian Federation, relying on her long-standing research on the history of gender relations.

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Natalia Pushkareva

Institute for Ethnology and Anthropology, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia