What is the Future of Indian Philosophy?

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Jiří Holba


The History of Indian Philosophy (HIP) consists of fifty-eight chapters, written by specialists across a diverse range of general and particularized topics on Indic philosophical traditions. The editorial credit for this extensive volume also belongs to a number of associate editors, including Amy Rayner, John Powers, Christopher Chapple, Stephen Phillips, and Richard King. There is, however, a shift evident in the methodological approach of this volume as compared to earlier orientalist and historical accounts. As Bilimoria notes in his preface, the editors have endeavored not only “to bring out the historical development of philosophical ideas within particular schools or against other critical systems, but also ... their interaction with broader cultural, social and paradigm shifts within Indian civilization that may have influenced or thwarted the optimal achievement in the area” (xxv).

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Jiří Holba

Jiří Holba, PhD, is a researcher in the Department of South Asia at the Oriental Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences. From 2002 until 2015, he was Assistant Professor in the Institute of Philosophy and Religious Studies at Charles University. Dr. Holba is the author of several publications, including a Czech translation of the Diamond Sūtra and a volume on Madhyamaka philosophy.