Journal of World Philosophies

Journal of World Philosophies (e-ISSN 2474-1795) is a semiannual, peer-reviewed, international journal dedicated to comparative thought. Published as an open access journal by Indiana University Press, JWP seeks to explore common spaces and differences between philosophical traditions in a global context. Without postulating cultures as monolithic, homogenous, or segregated wholes, it aspires to address key philosophical issues which bear on specific methodological, epistemological, hermeneutic, ethical, social, and political questions in comparative thought.

Journal of World Philosophies aims to develop the contours of a philosophical understanding not subservient to dominant paradigms and provide a platform for diverse philosophical voices, including those long silenced by  accident, history, or design. Journal of World Philosophies also endeavors to serve as a juncture where specific philosophical issues of global interest may be explored in an imaginative, thought-provoking, and pioneering way. We welcome innovative and persuasive ways of conceptualizing, articulating, and representing intercultural encounters. Contributions should be able to facilitate the development of new perspectives on current global thought-processes and sketch the outlines of salient future developments.

Journal of World Philosophies is an open-access journal, freely available to read. Contributors to the journal can contribute without any submission or publication charges.

You can access the content either here on the OJS site, or on the Directory of Open Access Journals.



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Vol 2, No 2 (2017)

Table of Contents


Takeshi Morisato
Translation of Tanabe Hajime’s “The Limit of Logicism in Epistemology: A Critique of the Marburg and Freiburg Schools”
Jameliah Shorter-Bourhanou
Legitimizing Blacks in Philosophy
Peter Barker
The Social Structure of Islamicate Science

Discussion Piece

Dan Flory, Leah Kalmanson, Peter K. J. Park, Mark Larrimore, Sonia Sikka
Author Meets Readers


Leigh Jenco, Steve Fuller, David H. Kim, Thaddeus Metz, Miljana Milojevic
Symposium: Are Certain Knowledge Frameworks More Congenial to the Aims of Cross-Cultural Philosophy?

Philosophical Journeys

Fatima Sadiqi
Navigating the Berber Culture/Islamic Feminism Intersection
Fred Dallmayr
Reason and Dialogue: My Road to Intercultural Studies


Paul Boshears
In Memoriam: Henry Rosemont, Jr. (1934–2017)

Book Reviews

Mark L. Farrugia
Value Pluralism and the Challenge of Normativity in the Zhuangzi
Marie-Hélène Gorisse
Jaina Scriptures and Philosophy: An Essential Contribution to the History of Philosophy in Jainism
Bongrae Seok
Moral Geography and Exploration of the Moral Possibility Space