Perspectives on the Methods of Chinese Philosophy

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Robert A. Carleo III


The Bloomsbury Research Handbook of Chinese Philosophy Methodologies offers rich, productive discussion of methodological best practices in Chinese philosophy. The participants to this exchange are largely representative of the diverse methodologies currently undertaken in Chinese philosophy, and their contributions illuminate key dimensions of the nature of comparative work and its possibilities. The volume serves as a valuable introduction to the methodological perspectives of established figures in the field, rehearsing influential views and offering diverse insights. The return to shared themes serves well to connect the essays and draw the reader into a rich conversation over how to approach comparative philosophy. Its diversity of methodological views is complemented by variety in the methods of discussing and understanding those methodological views.

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Robert A. Carleo III

Robert A. Carleo III is a doctoral candidate in Philosophy at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, China (SAR). He has worked on early Chinese bamboo and silk manuscripts, pre-Qin Chinese thought, and contemporary Chinese philosophy, and has translated the work of several contemporary Chinese philosophers into English. His present research focuses on comparative political and ethical theory, especially comparison between liberalism and Mencian Confucianism.