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Chiricú Journal: Latina/o Literatures, Arts, and Cultures
Spring 2019

DUE: November 15, 2018

“Intersecting Latinx Lives: The Politics of Race”

Lee Bebout, Issue Editor
John Nieto-Phillips

The past 20 years have produced abundant scholarship on racial categories, racialization, and racialized experiences. This issue of Chiricú Journal will highlight the complexities of race as they pertain to Latinx communities within the United States and its sphere of influence. In our current conjuncture, we see numerous instances of ongoing racial oppression produced through mechanisms like mass incarceration and broken windows policing; fee and fine farming; discriminatory lending; the policies and practices of detention, deportation and border enforcement; voter disenfranchisement; and the territorial violations of indigenous lands. Contemporary social movements—such as the New Sanctuary Movement, Black Lives Matter, and the surge in white supremacist activity—call our attention to new and ongoing forms of racial oppression. In this issue, we wish to highlight those forms and illuminate ways that race is codified into law, contested, and politically mobilized. We welcome scholarly articles as well as creative submissions in the form of short stories, photography, poems, personal essays, auto-ethnographies, interviews, and artwork. Submissions may be in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Indigenous languages. 

Topics may include (but are not limited to): 

  • Intersectionality, feminism, sexual politics
  • Racial authenticity, performance, passing, racial scripts
  • Sanctuary, asylum, politics of citizenship and “illegality”
  • Sovereignty, settler colonialism, imperialism, post-imperialism
  • Racialization, critical race theory, deracination
  • Assimilationism, resistance, acculturation
  • Indigeneity, Afro-Latinidad, diaspora
  • US Census practices, vocabularies of race
  • Intersectional Latinidad, mestizaje, purity, biraciality
  • Detention, captivity, slavery, disenfranchisement
  • Environmental racism, racialized labor, human rights
  • Political coalition-building, coalescence, and convergence
  • Whiteness, off-whiteness, white fragility

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