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IUScholarWorks is a digital repository service provided by the IU Libraries for showcasing and preserving IU research.

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Thesis or dissertation

Bloomington graduate students may submit their thesis or dissertation to IUScholarWorks in addition to submitting it to the University Graduate School. Simply complete the Theses & Dissertations Submission Form and an IUScholarWorks staff member will notify you as soon as your work is made available.

Thematic collection

Please fill out the New Collection Request Form. Once completed, an IUScholarWorks staff member will be in touch to discuss your needs.

IUScholarWorks Policies

Copyright and Use Policy

  1. Ownership of copyright

    Repository materials are protected by copyright, with all rights reserved by the copyright holder. In order to place your work(s) in IUScholarWorks and make them openly available on the web, you must agree to the IUScholarWorks limited, non-exclusive license, which:

    • confirms that you own the copyright to the items
    • grants Indiana University permission to distribute the items worldwide and to take the necessary steps to preserve them.

    Authors may also consider licensing their works with a Creative Commons License. Using this license allows authors to preserve those rights that are most important to them (e.g., proper attribution,) and at the same time explicitly grant to readers certain other rights chosen by the author to be used at the readers discretion (e.g., copy, distribute, display, or perform the work.)

  2. Use of materials
  3. By default, materials deposited in IUScholarWorks are Open Access, which means anyone on the web can access them. Single copies of full items may be reproduced for personal research or study purposes without prior permission or charge. Permission must be obtained from the rights holder for all other uses, unless a Creative Commons license is displayed on the item or the use is a Fair Use.

For more information, please see our Copyright and Licensing page.

Content Policy

The content in IUScholarWorks represents the research, scholarship, and intellectual output of the Indiana University community. Therefore, only materials authored or published by the following IU affiliates are eligible for deposit:

  • Any IU research unit, institute, center, department, or university partner
  • IU faculty and staff
  • IU dissertation and thesis writers
  • IU students with authorization from a sponsoring department or faculty member

The academic units decide what content to put into their respective communities. Types of content may include, but are not limited to:

  • Submitted manuscripts (as sent to journals for peer-review)
  • Accepted versions (author’s final peer-reviewed drafts)
  • Published versions (publisher-created files)
  • Supplementary files, including multimedia or datasets
  • Gray literature (conference papers, working drafts, primary evidence)
  • Dissertations and theses
  • Negative results or work that will not be finished

Embargo Policy

Embargoes in IUScholarWorks are treated as a publicly available descriptive item record with restrictions on access to the file itself. Metadata/citation information will be visible for embargoed items. Since search engines will be able to find these citations that do not yet include the full-text content, any embargoed item in IUScholarWorks must contain contact information for the corresponding creator/principal investigator (NOT the depositor), so that end users who wish to gain access may request it.

Embargoes may be set for any time period up to five (5) years from the date of deposit. Renewal of embargoes beyond five (5) years will not be possible; all work deposited will, by that time, become Open Access. IUScholarWorks was originally conceived of as an Open Access repository, and we encourage researchers to consider making their publications Open Access and their data Open Data. However, we acknowledge that in some cases researchers may need to restrict access to their work. There are many reasons why some might want to embargo their deposits, which include but are not strictly limited to:

  • Plans to file a patent based on research and/or data
  • Research and/or data is subject to review by sponsor or grantor prior to publication

In some instances, submission for Open Access publishing should not be considered until the resolution of certain key issues, such as:

  • Plans for future publication based on research and/or data
  • Plans to publish research based on research and/or data and publisher has indicated that data release counts as "prior publication"
  • Third-party content remains to be licensed properly

Any research deposited in IUScholarWorks must be stripped of all personally-identifiable information, in accordance with patient privacy laws and IRB restrictions. Data sensitivity is not an acceptable reason for embargo.

Format and Preservation Policy

The system is designed to hold and deliver scholarly materials in digital form (text, data, image, audio, video, etc.), that will not change over time and that are adequately described with standard keywords and descriptors (i.e., do not have specialized metadata requirements). It is not equipped to support the archiving and/or accessibility of dynamic resources like open web sites, interactive applications, files with complex metadata requirements, authoring tools, or dynamic learning objects.

Because the technological environment is changing rapidly, it may not be possible to preserve the usability of every file format that is deposited in the Repository. Certain file formats (openly-documented, non-proprietary, lossless) are more easily preserved than others. IUScholarWorks staff can provide guidance related to file formats.

Removal Policy

IUScholarWorks has been established as a permanent archive with the goal of providing perpetual access to deposited materials. Files will be removed from IUScholarWorks only under extraordinary circumstances, such as:

  • Journal publishers’ requirements
  • Proven copyright infringement or plagiarism
  • Proven violations of libel or invasion of privacy
  • Falsified research

In instances where an author wishes to retract an earlier position, statement, or interpretation, the file will not be removed. In keeping with the Revisions Policy below, authors have the option to submit a new or revised version.

Please direct inquiries to iusw@indiana.edu and an IUScholarWorks staff member will respond to discuss the situation and suggest the best action. In addition, the IU Libraries and Indiana University retain the right to withdraw any item from IUScholarWorks if they deem such action necessary. In these cases, an attempt to notify the author will be made to apprise them of the situation.

In order to avoid the loss of the historical record for items withdrawn from IUScholarWorks, the system will display a substitute citation for any withdrawn item noting that the item by this person, published on a specific date, with this title, and with this specific URL has been removed, thereby leaving a 'tombstone' record. This will ensure that the URL never disappears even though the actual item has been withdrawn.

Revisions Policy

Revisions to submitted files may only be made to correct typographical, grammatical and spelling errors. No substantial revisions of findings, facts, etc. are permitted. In cases where authors have substantially reworked the content and wish to make a newer version available, they are encouraged to submit the new or revised version as a new item. IUScholarWorks staff will provide assistance in linking the earlier version with the later version.

Copyright and Licensing

When you submit an item to IUScholarWorks, you will be asked to accept our non-exclusive license. This verifies that you hold the copyright to the work (or you have secured the appropriate permission from the rights holder), and gives IU the non-exclusive right to distribute and preserve it.

Depositing Previously Published Works

Copyright on works that have been previously published is typically transferred from the author to publisher. However, many publishers still allow authors to deposit their work into institutional repositories. The steps below will help you determine whether or not you can deposit the work in IUScholarWorks.

Step 1. Check your publishing agreement.
If you signed a publication agreement and you still have access to it, review its terms and see what it says about copyright and posting the work online. If the agreement provides for a complete transfer of copyright or an exclusive license, then you should also look for provisions indicating what rights you might retain in your work or for time limits on exclusive licenses. IUScholarWorks staff can provide assistance interpreting publishing agreements.

Step 2. Check the publisher’s policies.
Many publishers post authors' rights policies on their website (generally with the author submission instructions or copyright notices). This is a great place to check if your publication agreement is not clear or not readily at hand. Additionally, a major resource on journal publisher policies is SHERPA/RoMEO. The database covers most major academic publishers, but it is not yet universal. If the database has your publisher, it will indicate to what extent publishers permit authors who have signed publication agreements to post their work online.

Step 3. Contact the publisher.
If you are unsure about your rights to post your work online, or you are not satisfied with those rights, contact the publisher and request permission to deposit your work in IUScholarWorks. The right place to start depends on the publisher—it might be the journal editor, the permissions department of the publisher, or someone in journal production. Contact as many people as needed to find the person with authority over these issues and request permission. IUScholarWorks staff can help you draft letters that clearly convey your request and reasons for it.

Authorizing a Third Party to Deposit Your Work

You may authorize another individual to submit items to IUScholarWorks on your behalf by completing the Proxy Authorization Form. A paper copy of the form is also available here. Please scan and email the signed form to iusw@indiana.edu, or mail a hard copy to:

Richard Higgins IUScholarWorks Herman B Wells Library E350 1320 East Tenth Street Bloomington, IN 47405

About IUScholarWorks

IUScholarWorks is an open access repository service provided by the IU Libraries for disseminating and preserving the intellectual output of Indiana University scholars. The repository is designed to hold and deliver scholarly materials in digital form (text, data, image, etc.) that will not change over time and that are adequately described with standard keywords and descriptors (i.e., do not have specialized metadata requirements). IU students, faculty, and staff may use IUScholarWorks to make their scholarly research materials freely available to the world, at a stable URL, and with the assurance that they will be maintained over the long term.

Maintenance Window: To keep our systems functioning optimally, we have implemented a regularly occurring maintenance window for IUScholarWorks. Every Wednesday morning, 7:00-9:00 am, IUScholarWorks Repository and IUScholarWorks Journals may be unavailable to users.

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