No 10 (1969)

November 1969 [Mendel collection]

Special issue devoted to the Mendel collection.

Table of Contents


Editorial PDF
C. R. Boxer 1-1
The Papers of Martin de Bertendona, A Basque Admiral of Spain's Golden Age, 1586-1604 PDF
C. R. Boxer 3-23
Friar Juan Pobre of Zamora and His Lost and Found "Ystoria" of 1598-1603 (Lilly ms. BM 617) PDF
C. R. Boxer 25-46
A Rare Luso-Brazilian Medical Treatise and Its Author: Luis Gomes Ferreira and His "Erario Mineral" of 1735 and 1755 PDF
C. R. Boxer 49-70

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November 1969 [Mendel collection] PDF